When you are stuck at your hostel dorm and feel homesick, TV connects you to your home culture and vibe. IFVOD TV and its competitors are your primary source of motivation in those times.

Not every drama is worth watching. You don’t want to waste your time watching low-quality dramas and shows.

And one way you ensure quality is by sticking to IFVOD TV and its competitors that are known for the quality of content they offer.

You can pay a premium for this guarantee. It’s better to spend some bucks than to spend hours or days searching for the right serial for entertainment in your free time.

These channels present Chinese dramas and you can also get English translations on some of these TV websites.

Sometimes, these websites also offer content translation into other languages. However, you have to check for the availability of subtitles before you start following a series.

This is a cool feature for those viewers who got a taste of Chinese dramas but want it presented in their mother tongue.

This post will discuss IFVOD and its competitors so you can choose the best streaming service to enjoy during your free time.


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IFVOD TV is one of the most followed streaming websites that excel in Chinese shows. You get film, drama, short film, and documentary.

With more than 900 channels, you can be sure that the website will have something in store for you as well.

So, now listen to commentary on sports or get the latest updates from financial markets in your home country without spending a fortune every month.

The quality of the display is praiseworthy and you get English subtitles to use if you miss the meaning of the dialogue.

The availability of English translation is a great feature that makes the website the first choice for many expat Chinese and their families and friends.

But quality translation is not the only reason that has prompted people from all over the world to take it as their go-to entertainment platform.

The website also offers all these features without cost. Yes, you read it right. There is absolutely no cost to consuming the content put forth by the website as long as you are streaming on the web.

If you choose to download it app and stream videos there, you will have to choose one of the three available subscription options. The lowest cost of these options stands at $4 per month.


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IFUN TV is considered the biggest competitor of IFVOD TV. The website allows you to download the app to stream your favorite shows.

Use the search tab to get to your favorite genre and browse different options available on the screen.

You may not find much information about the website online. That’s because the website was recently named IFUN and before this, it was known as Duonao TV.

Previously, the site also allowed users to download movies from its database. Today, the site only presents Chinese shows.

To complete the viewing experience of the users, the site also offers English subtitles. But you should be aware of the fact that the quality of these subtitles is not always the best.


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IYF is no doubt one of the most sought-after websites for Chinese videos and clips. The website is searched in numerous countries and you will get its recommendations from every corner of the internet if you are a fan of Chinese dramas and movies.

You don’t have to download the app to access the quality content it offers. Instead, just stream online using its website.

Note that IYF TV also goes with the name of IFSP TV. So, if you search for IFSP.TV, you will be redirected to IYF.

You can use the browser to search for your favorite shows on IYF. But it will be more convenient for you if you try its own search tab on the website. You can browse thousands of comedy, horror, fiction, and non-fiction shows on IYF TV.

Beware; you can get addicted to the website pretty soon. In turn, you may wish to make it a regular part of your entertainment routine.

The app is easier to use than the website and downloading it will also save you time because you can come and go as you wish without losing track of your favorite show.


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Iflix is the most prominent competitor of IFVOD. Note that it’s not a direct competitor because of its nature of business. The two video-on-demand platforms differ in their monetization model.

First is IFVOD which offers free content. Its method of acquiring this content also eliminates the cost of content acquisition.

The videos you will get on this TV are copied from renowned shows and aren’t accompanied by permission from the creator of the video. Piracy is rampant on IFVOD.

Iflix gives a complete contrast to this acquisition method for content. First, it pays the creator for the content they provide.

Secondly, it joins hands with local content creators to create a project with adequate market appeal. In short, a huge chunk of its funds goes towards creating quality content.

To keep the operations profitable, Iflix charges its viewers premium dollars. Note that Iflix is Netflix’s counterpart that has defined Asia as its target market.

Because piracy is rampant in that area, the TV had a hard time convincing people to spend on original content instead of getting pirated stuff.

People, in this region, try to stick to IFUN, IFVOD, and other similar platforms because they want free stuff. Or they are willing to pay but the payment should be reasonably small.

Because of this attitude of accepting piracy as it is, Iflix has a hard time competing against other TV giants. But it’s still there and growing.

It is expected that soon it will capture enough market share because of the quality and marketing it is putting into its platform.

Take Away

IFVOD TV and its competitors are working hard to collect quality content from different creators and present it to Chinese living in all areas of the world.

Most of these options allow non-Chinese to enjoy these videos, shows, and serials just as much with the added feature of English subtitles.

A few of them also offer subtitles in other languages like Spanish and French. But these TV options are small.

The best feature that attracts people to these video-on-demand services is the low costs attached to them.

You either don’t pay a dime to enjoy your favorite should there or you pay only a small amount for this service.


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