The world of online games is progressing every year and not all players can immediately adapt to the current meta and deal with game mechanics for rapid progress towards the status of the best gamers on the server.

If we take the online MMO gaming coaching industry, then all players can be divided into three categories:

1- Players who understand the content quickly and well – they are easy to learn, not afraid to experiment with the meta and their heroes, and constantly try something new. Gradually, by trial and error, they come to the optimal game and begin their journey to the world top simply due to an intuitive understanding of the game, acquaintances and interest. After all, online games are created with an eye to ensure that players try all the content and find themselves and become the best players on the server.

2- Players who progress slowly. Often this is due to the unwillingness to devote oneself to the MMO and leave the project for several hours a day. Of course, progress in this mode occurs, but it gives way to more active players.

Thus, you will still have your place in the gaming top, but you will be closer to the average players than in the top of the best. All due to the fact that you will be lagging behind in understanding top lvl content and will not have time to actively farm and get the best equipment and weapons of legendary quality.

3- Players are donators, or investors – they come to the project to quickly become the best, or one of the strongest players on the server, and for this they are ready to pay for the corresponding services. The most common way out in this situation is to buy game gold and equip your hero with the best weapons and armor.

You may be inferior in understanding the game and tactics for your class, but good equipment will do half the job. Then they buy boosting or gaming coaching services from professional services like The only difference is – do you want a quick result, or learn and achieve it yourself. More benefit will be from the second option, but everyone decides for himself.

What is Coaching in Online Games

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gaming Coaching is an opportunity to learn how to play in your class in the selected MMO through interaction with a professional player. For example, in World of Warcraft, they order the service of a coach to learn how to understand the game, how to properly fight other players, how to farm quickly and efficiently, deal with equipment and activities, and be able to control your hero in PVE and raids

Who is the Skycoach Coaching Service For?

The gaming coaching service is suitable for beginners, or experienced players who have just come to the project, or do not understand how to play correctly in order to enjoy the process. They choose a more meaningful decision than just leaving the project – they will turn to a professional gaming  coach from the Skycoach service.

How to Order Training From the Skycoach Service

How to order training from the Skycoach service

You need to go to the official website of Skycoach and choose your game, for example World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

Specify your server and select the training service

Pay for the order, or contact the manager, who will clarify all the details and help you make the payment if you have not done so yet. The average response time of a manager during the working period is three minutes.

Agree on the time and wait for communication with the trainer in the selected communication format.

How Does the Training Service From a Skycoach Coach Work?

raining service from a Skycoach coach work-gaming coach

You contact the trainer at the agreed time using a convenient communication method and the learning process begins.

The coach will clarify about your playing class and help you choose it if you are a beginner based on your preferred playing style.

If you are already an experienced player or have made a choice, then the process of learning to play in your class begins.

There is an explanation of the general meta and the principles of its formation, so that in the future the player will be able to independently orient and develop the character correctly and without the coach’s prompts.

A professional Skycoach player will explain to you the main mechanics of your class – the style of play, the main skills and cooldowns, the focus of the hero.

Then there is an explanation of the mechanics of farming for gaining experience and gold, there is an analysis of profession systems and their role for crafting equipment if World of Warcraft is selected.

The concept of raids is explained, the role of your class in them, tactics of behavior for constant benefit and the concept of forming a good group is suggested so that you can also collect combat units, and not just join the ready ones.

At the end there is a tutorial on how to play PVP – basic tactics, positioning mechanics and the concept of using skills and protective potions to increase the percentage of victories in battles.

Risks When Working with a Third-Party Coach

Quite a few players who have many hours of playing a certain MMO RPG start to consider themselves coaches and claim to be a coach for payment in the form of gold, or real money.

But being able to play in your class and understand the game does not mean that the coach can clearly explain and teach the other person.

In this case, you risk only a few things:

  • Real money or in-game gold
  • Get confused in the game instead of learning something.

Reasons to Choose a Sky Coach

When it comes to the final selection of a coach, you are faced with a choice – trust a random performer, or rely entirely on a service that specializes in a wide range of services for gamers, including training.

The Skycoach trainer is selected based on your game and the character you want to play. If you can’t make up your mind, a coach will help you.

A coach is always selected who is the most competent in your game and in your profession.

Each coach has his own character and method of conveying information, and if for any reason you are not comfortable working with a specialist, Skycoach will provide another coach.

The Skycoach coach pays attention to the little things – your comfort, playing style, communication level and makes adjustments to your training for your progress.


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