351 area code may appear unfamiliar to you but it is a widely used code in northeastern Massachusetts. Here is everything you should know about this code.

You know your local area code and are comfortable taking the calls from it. After all, you know that that is not a marketing agency calling you to sell your products.

And you have minimum reasons to suspect identity theft frauds from ordinary callers who use your local area code.

All in all, calls with local area codes appear more reliable than those you receive from other cities.

Heck, you may find yourself panicking out of your bed if you receive a call from an area code that is familiar to you because of friends and family residing there.

But what about the 351 area code?! You don’t have an acquaintance whose locality uses this area code nor have you ever received a call from it before.

So, why are you receiving a call now? Who can be behind this number? Let’s analyze the possibility in this post.

What Is 350 Area Code And What is Its Location

The first thing you would want to know about the 351 area code is its location. More specifically, you want to know where is 351 area code.

The 351 area code is one of the codes assigned by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This area code covers northeastern Massachusetts.

It serves more than 90 cities including major cities like Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Methuen, and Peabody.

What Is The 351 Area Code?

What Is The 351 Area Code
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It’s an overlay area code that was superimposed on the 978 code for the same areas. An overlay area code is the one that doesn’t invalidate the existing area code of that location.

Instead, the dialers have to use a new dialing procedure that will include both codes in the phone number to complete dialing.

The purpose of an overlay area code is to increase the number of digits that need to be dialed to make a call.

This is done to make the digits equal to the nationally accepted standard of 10 for every phone number.

As we can imagine, this addition to the basic number doesn’t affect the possible number combinations available to a neighborhood.

The 351 area code was introduced as an overlay of the 978 area code in northeastern Massachusetts in 2001.

As a result, it’s a relatively new area code. But it’s widely used in the said area making it less than novel for the local residents.

Are Calls From 351 Area Code Scams?

Now, you know the area from which you are receiving the call. You might be wondering if the call you are receiving is legit or scam.

Note that we cannot judge the intention of the caller from the area code. Just like any other area code, 351 area code assigns phone numbers to individuals and businesses present in the relevant area.

These owners of the phone numbers can be law-abiding ordinary folks or they can be scamming organizations or people.

The area code – alone – doesn’t distinguish between the scamming and legit calls. And you have to pick up the phone to determine who is on the other end and what he wants from you.

How To Block Calls From 351 Area Code

How To Block Calls From 351 Area Code
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If you find that the calls you are receiving from this area code are a scam, you can simply block the number on your phone. Here is the complete procedure to do so.

On iPhone

On iPhone
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On the dialer history, you have to tap the ‘i’ icon next to the call in question. This will lead you to a set of prompts. Find block this caller option and you are done.

On Android

On Android
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Again, you have to head to the recent calls and find this call you want to block. Click the details option.

On the resulting screen, select block number to delete this presence from your attention span.

Are Calls From 351 Area Code Toll-Free?

The next question that might arise is about the toll-free nature of these calls. Two reasons make toll-free numbers better for common people than others. First, these numbers are marginally more reliable.

This is because they are costly to acquire and maintain and require business verification to some extent. Consequently, only legit businesses acquire them.

Secondly, these numbers are more desirable for you if you have to make a call to one of these. These toll-free numbers do not cost the caller a dime.

If you call one of these numbers, you wouldn’t pay the call charges. These call charges will be paid by the owner of this toll-free number.

Note that the 351 area code is not a toll-free number. Consequently, it has a higher risk of scams and if you are calling this number, you will have to pay call charges.

What Is The 351 Area Code Time Zone?

So, you want to call a person who uses the 351 area code and you are concerned if it’s the right time to call. The best way to ensure this is to consult the time zone map.

It will tell you when northeastern areas of Massachusetts see daytime or leisure time in comparison to your area.

The area follows the Eastern Time zone. You can schedule your calls accordingly.

Take Away

The 351 area code was introduced in 2001 as an overlay to the local area code of northeastern Massachusetts.

It can be an unknown area code for those people who don’t belong to that area. If that defines you, note that you will have to use it in combination with the previous code of 978.

Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure if the incoming call from this area code is legit or a scam. But if it’s a scam call, you can always block the user from contacting you again.


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