You may assume that the most expensive football trophy in the world also shows the most value of the game and the tournament it represents. You are only partially right.

Although the monetary value of football trophies is nothing when compared to the satisfaction of winning a match for these champions, this value also matters to some extent.

Plus, the value of a championship is often measured by the trophy it offers at the end. The most expensive football trophy in the world validates that the winner had truly mastered his skills.

Football is the most popular sport in the whole world. Especially, American NFL is the most watched sport on the planet with between 390 and 410 million loyal fans worldwide.

And among various associations for this sport, some are better than others in terms of viewers’ interest, reach, and trophy value.

Likewise, its trophies are more valuable than those of any other sport. You can find some trophies amounting to more than a few million dollars.

Note that these trophies are just a by-product of winning the championship and other competitions. The true result is the recognition of these players and the pleasure they feel at winning.

Here are the top ten most expensive football trophies the world has to offer.

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup Trophy

Valued at $20 million, FIFA World Cup Trophy is easily the most expensive football trophy in the whole world.

It was commissioned in 1947 and the invitation for submission resulted in fifty-three different designs from sculptors in seven countries. Finally, the submission from Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga was selected.

The most expensive cup is 14.4 inches tall. It is made from gold and malachite. It weighs 13.61 pounds.

On its base, the phrase ‘FIFA World Cup’ is engraved. In 1994, there was a change in its design that added a chip at the bottom side of the trophy.

This chip shows the names of the countries that have won the trophy. These names are written in the national language of the winning country. And they replace this chip to add the name of the new winner.

Previously, the trophy was awarded to the winning team. And it remained with the team until the final draw of the next tournament.

Now, the trophy remains at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. Instead of the original trophy, the winning team receives a bronze replica that is coated with gold.

2. Copa Libertadores Trophy

Copa Libertadores Trophy

After the FIFA World Cup Trophy, Copa Libertadores is the most expensive football trophy in the world.

It is valued at $8.5 million. The original trophy was commissioned from Teófilo Salinas and was designed by Alberto de Gasperi.

As much as the tournament is successful today, you will be surprised to know that the original trophy hinted at only 18 next tournaments by allowing only this many badges in the trophy.

The trophy is made from silver, silver-coated bronze, and hardwood plywood. On top of it, there is a sculpture of a footballer who is getting ready to kick the ball.

The winners of the trophy can keep it with them until the next Copa Libertadores draw and seeding begins.

When that time comes, the president of CONMEBOL presents the winning club with a replica.

Another exciting rule of the trophy is to allow the winning club to keep the trophy in case of a three-year consecutive victory in the tournament.

The confederation also includes the name of the winning team together with its year of winning on the trophy’s pedestal.

3. UEFA Europa League Trophy

UEFA Europa League Trophy

At $4.5 million in value, the UEFA Europa League trophy is the third most expensive football trophy in the world.

Note that this silver-based award is the heaviest among all UEFA silverware. It is 65cm high, 33cm wide, and 23cm deep. It weighs 15kg.

It may not be the most expensive trophy in the world but the game it represents is followed by millions of sports fans.

It is a silver cup that is placed on a yellow marble plinth. It was designed by the Bertoni workshop in Milan.

The bottom of the silver cup appears as a group of players who are supporting it. The top of the cup is decorated with the UEFA emblem.

This trophy remains with UEFA. The winning team only gets a full-size replica of this trophy.

The union has a special rule that is reserved for those teams that win the trophy three times consecutively or five times in total.

When these criteria are fulfilled, UEFA awards a special mark of recognition to the team. After the mark is awarded, the Union starts the cycle from zero.

4. The FA Cup Trophy

The FA Cup Trophy

The FA Cup has used two designs till now. The first design was used before 1910 and it was famous as the ‘little tin idol’ at that time.

It had to be replaced in 1910 when FA realized that it didn’t own the copyrights to the trophy and its design.

The next design was larger and was prepared by Fattorini and Sons. The trophy is awardedin three parts: the trophy, its lid, and its base.

The base of the trophy has the winning team’s name engraved on it. As the trophy is presented only five minutes after the conclusion of the final, the engraver has only five minutes to engrave the name.

Note that the trophy is given to the winning team at the end of the final. But the FA requires the team to return the trophy on 1st March or earlier on a seven-day notice to the FA.

Originally, the trophy had to be presented to the winning club that has won the tournament three times consecutively.

But this rule was scrapped after the 1876 final when Wanderers won the match third time in a row. The trophy is valued at $1,180,000.

5. Ballon d’Or Award

Ballon d’Or Award

At 12kg, this trophy is only slightly lighter than the trophy preceding it. Its height is 28cm and diameter is 22cm. The trophy is made from brass and gold coating. At first, the two hemispheres were made from brass.

Then, a goldsmith welded the two parts using a blowtorch. Once the ball is completed, it’s filled with tar.

In the end, the designer covers the trophy with 5kg of 18-carat gold. It is valued at $805,439.

Also, it is adorned with the label of the French Football logo. Each trophy has an engraving of the winner’s name.

Unlike many other trophies presented in this article, this one is awarded to a football player rather than a winning team.

The player wins this trophy based on his impact on the game and the value they put on the game and their team.

The first ever receiver of the Ballon d’Or was Stanley Matthews who won the prize in 1956. Initially, the trophy was only awarded to European football players. From 2007 onwards, it became a global prize.

6. Africa Cup of Nations Trophy

Africa Cup of Nations Trophy

The current African Cup of Nations (AFCON) trophy is a gold-plated cup. It was designed in 2001 in Italy. Before this trophy, AFCON unveiled two versions.

The original one of the AFCON trophies was named Abdelaziz Abdallah after the CAF president.

It was awarded until the 1978 tournament. Then, Ghana won the right to permanently hold it.

The second trophy was named the Trophy of African Unity or African Unity Cup. It wasawarded between 1980 and 2000.

In 2000, Cameroon won the right to keep it permanently after becoming champion three times consecutively.

The current trophy was commissioned in 2001. In 2010, Egypt won a permanent right to it.

But unlike other champions who were awarded the original cup, this time, Egypt got a special, full-size replica of the trophyThe current version of AFCON trophy is valued at $150,000.

7. Serie A Trophy

Serie A Trophy

With a value of $66,000, this trophy is oftentimes known as Coppa Campio d’Italia. The Scudetto was designed in 1960 by Ettore Calvelli, a renowned sculptor.

Standing 45 centimeters tall, this trophy is valued at $66,000. At the same time, it weighs 5kg.

The trophy is made from gold and sodalite. Its golden base has engravings of the names of all the teams who have won the cup since the 1960-61 tournament. The first winner of this award was Juventus.

It is awarded after a yearly competition of Italy’s top football clubs. The tournament has been around for the last ninety years.

When awarded, the trophy is loaned to the winning team. When it comes the time to return the trophy, the team is awarded a reduced-scale replica of the trophy so it can display in its trophy room.

8. Bundesliga Meisterschale

Bundesliga Meisterschale

Bundesliga Meisterschale is a German championship shield that was designed in 1949. The shield was designed to replace the Viktoria, the original trophy that was lost during the final stages of the Second World War.

Initially, this shield was awarded to German champions. After 1964, it was only reserved for Bundesliga Champions.

In 1949, this 11kg shield was designed by Elisabeth Treskow who is an art professor at Kölner Werkschulen.

He used Tourmaline, gold, and silver to design this shield. Later, plates of silver and gold were added to it.

Before it, the champions were awarded the Viktoria statue. But this statue went missing during the Second World War.

The new shield has the names of all the champions who won it since 1903. To allow more space for future champions, the shield underwent an extension in 1981.

This extension added a silver ring to it that had engraving plates on it. Another extension was made before the 2008/2009 season finale that made room for more champions till 2027.

The insurance value of the shield – with all its silver and gold engravings – is set at €50,000.

9. UEFA Championship League

UEFA Championship League

Also known as Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens, European Champion Club’s Cup is awarded to the winning team in UEFA Champion League every year.

The original design of this trophy came from a French sports newspaper, L’Équipe. The league started awarding this trophy in 1956.

Note that initially, a rule allowed a winning team to keep the trophy if it has won the championship for three seasons in a row or has won five seasons in total.

The rule was scrapped later and the qualifying teams started receiving a multiple-winner badge, instead. Till now six teams have won this badge.

Also, the league awarded the original cup to the winning team to keep. Nowadays, a replica is handed out. But the winning team is allowed to forge a replica after returning the original replica to the league.

The current version of Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens replicates the design confirmed in 1967.

It was made from silver. It was 74cm high and weighed 11kg. In 1967, it cost 10,000 Swiss Franc to make this trophy.

10. English Premier League Trophy

English Premier League Trophy

At 104cm in height and 25kg in weight, the English Premier League trophy is the biggest cup in the world.

It uses sterling silver in making. Asprey London cast the trophy. They made its crown with a 24-carat silver gilt. Other than silver, the trophy also has malachite in its making.

On both of its handles, lions are carved. These lions, together with the third lion of football who holds the trophy after winning, make three lions of English Football.

The base of this trophy is the heaviest. It also has the names of champions engraved on it.
Interestingly, the league uses two trophies of the same design.

One of these trophies is handed over to the champion while the other remains with the league. The champion has to return the trophy at least three weeks before the final season.

Take Away

This post discusses the 10 most expensive football trophies in the world. It included every trophy from the renowned FIFA world cup to the much-loved English Premier League cup.


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