Now, you have gotten your Multi Pochette after a long wait and want to authenticate it. But how to spot real vs fake Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories? This post will answer this question in detail.

Blame the aggressive marketing strategy of Louis Vuitton or give credit to its supreme quality and remarkably practical design, but the bag was sold out even before it hit the shelves in 2020.

Regardless of what made this bag a success, you are huge a fan of it. What else could be your reason to search, ‘How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories?’ time and again on Google?

You want to believe that after this long wait time, what you have gotten is the real thing. After all, like many other canvas designs from the designer, this one wasn’t meant to be produced on large scale.

If you are looking to find ways to authenticate the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories you have finally acquired, here are a few ways that will help you with that.

Check the Interior Label

Check the Interior Label

A label is the first tell-tale sign of fake products. Here is the difference between real and fake Louis Vuitton interior labels:

First of all, you will notice the difference in the shape of the interior label in the fake bag. Unlike the original label which is a rectangle, the fake label resembles a square more.

Then, you will get low-quality stitches on the fake label. The thread can be too bright for the label.

You will also notice that the letters are engraved too deeply on the fake label giving a thick appearance.

Check the Exterior Label

Check the Exterior Label

For most people, this is the first concern because of how noticeable the LV tag is. The engraving is the tell-tale sign you should look out for.

On the original tag, these letters aren’t engraved too deeply. The resulting look is the same color for the letters and surroundings.

But the fake take engraves these letters too deep, changing the color of these alphabets. For a fake LV bag, the tag is also bigger than it should be.

Another difference is in print. On a fake tag, the letters are larger and take up more space. The forger has compensated for this excess coverage by the letters with stitches that are too bright for the background.

The yellowish thread is a striking contrast against the real label where the stitches have a mild, washed-out appearance.

Pochette Design

Pochette Design

The design of this accessory also differs in fake versus real versions. The real thing is not exactly rectangular.

It is wider at the bottom and slims down as we move towards the top. Against it, the fake model is a rectangle in its entirety. There are no cute curves or skinnier appearance on the top.

Plus, you will notice that the original and authentic piece has curves at the bottom that define the front material of the pochette from the sides beautifully. There is no such detail on the faux item. The latter is plain and unappealing.

Pochette Colors

Pochette Colors

LV Multi Pochette Accessories colors are meant to be mild. The beige color of the print merges well with the background color.

That is not the case with the faux handbag. The fake model will have a brighter hue for the font. This will contrast against the darker background and will merge with it.

Mini Pochette Design and Colors

Mini Pochette Design and Colors

The same design rules apply to the mini pochette design and colors. The real pochette is wider at the bottom and as it goes up it gets narrower.

But the fake model doesn’t follow this rule. It’s painfully rectangular with no definition for the bottom curves and no change in width from top to bottom.

The colors of the fake mini-pochette are also brighter than they should be in comparison to the real thing.

Serial Number

Serial Number

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories are designed and manufactured in France. This implies that their serial number will represent the location of their production.

Expect your real bag to give a serial number that starts with SD denoting a location in France.

Note the appearance of the serial number as well. Like any other feature of this design, the tag of the original handbag will also come in beige color.

But in a fake design, you will see a brighter – rather yellowish – tag supporting the serial number.

The font of the serial number also gives away the fakeness of the faux design. For example, the serial number is printed in small font on the tag of the original multi pochette. At the same time, you will see larger letters and numbers on the fake multi pochette.

Coin Purse Design and Colors

Coin Purse Design and Colors

The inconsistency of color persists in every component of the multi pochette. Keep in mind that the original version uses beige color for the print while the fake one always goes with brighter color that contrasts with the background.

Other than the obvious color difference, the two versions of the coin purse appear similar. The only difference lies in the craftsmanship of the fake one.

You will notice that the fake item doesn’t show supreme quality. It has sharp corners that don’t suit the round shape of the purse.

The original coin purse is larger than the fake one. This size comparison becomes more obvious when you look at its sides.

The front of the two versions is similar. But the sides are thicker for the real pochette. This increase in the width of the pochette means that the real purse can carry more items than the fake one.

The quality of craftsmanship – or lack of it – becomes more obvious when you look at the item from its side. The sewed corners are done carelessly in the fake pochette, for example.

LV Signature

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette

The quality of the products is one reason you would buy LV purses and bags. And the other reason is the brand you carry with these accessories. LV signature makes one important part of the whole purchase decision.

Let’s look at how the real LV signature differs from the fake one. First, look at the color of this signature. Louis Vuitton uses a golden brown color for its signature.

The letters stand out from the background because of this color and its contrast against the beige background.

The signature on the fake multi pochette is not so obvious. First, the manufacturer uses the same color as the background to print these letters.

Then, the printing is done half-heartedly and almost appears faded. You can only make out the signature after reading it closely.

Handles of the Multi Pochette

Handles of the Multi Pochette

When you are differentiating the real from the fake version of the LV pochette, you can also use its handles as an indicator.

Like any other component that is offered by Louis Vuitton in this pochette package, the handles are also of exquisite quality.

You can get these handles in khaki and rose pink colors.

The original pochette comes with reasonably sized handles that are neither too narrow nor too thick. You will find that the fake handles of the fake version are thicker.

Against this extra thickness, the fake version uses a font that is still too big and covers the whole strip with letters.

If you look at the real version, you will find that the letters are only taking up part of the strip leaving enough space for the borders.

The Hardware

The Hardware

You also have to notice the buckles of your pochette to understand if what you are carrying is real or fake.

Note that this is the most obvious among all signs of fake multi pochette you will see. It’s more obvious because the hardware is the most difficult of all the elements to copy and imitate.

Here are the differences you will notice at the first glance.

Again, don’t forget that LV uses mild colors. These colors merge with the overall theme of the bags and don’t go in contrast with the base colors. The handles and buckles follow the same rule.

Buckles of the real multi pochette have almost similar color as the tags of the bag. Their reflexive factor is marginal and almost unnoticeable.

Compare it with the fake bag. The buckles of these bags appear more reflexive and they have a yellowish glare that appears childish.

Also, pay attention to the text printed on these buckles. Your first look at the real LV pochette’s buckle will tell you the quality that went into this print. But the same quality will be absent from the print on the fake buckle.

The fake buckle will show defined and clear letters. Although they are legible, they don’t hold up to the standard of text on real buckles. The real prink is rounder and deeper.

Take Away

You can authenticate your LV multi pochette at home if you know what to look for. This post mentions all the signs that relate to a real LV handbag in contrast with those that point to the fake one.

You have to look for labels, design elements, colors, fonts, stitches, and buckles.

Every component of the bag will show one or two reasons to differentiate between the real and fake pochette.


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