Most people don’t start their day expecting to get injured in a horrific accident, but it unfortunately happens more often than you might know.

Personal injury cases crop up all the time, but there are a large variety of claims that get made. This makes personal injury litigation one of the broadest forms of law out there. Thus, personal injury law can be convoluted and cases immensely complex.

Simply put, personal injury cases happen because someone is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or willful maliciousness.

These cases are often settled without going to court, but they sometimes end up going to trial when an agreement cannot be reached.

There are several common personal injury cases. If your situation falls into one of these following categories, you might want to hire a personal injury attorney to help you navigate this complex legal system and win the compensation you deserve.

Premises Liability Injuries

Premises Liability Injuries-Personal Injury Claims

Premises liability cases involve someone getting hurt because of the negligence of a property owner. This can include cases in which workers get injured while on the job.

The National Safety Council states that a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds, so this is an unfortunately common personal injury.

Gathering evidence is pertinent to winning your case. Injuries need to be immediately reported, treated, and documented. Your lawyer is going to want all this documentation to help strengthen your case.

Product Liability Injuries

When a seller or product manufacturer puts a product out that harms the consumer due to a design error or manufacturing flaw, this is called product liability.

This type of case is not quite so common as the others but given that just one case can have hundreds or thousands of victims, there are often bigger payouts.

Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer lawsuits are a major example of product liability. The company ended up paying out millions of dollars to its victims since it knowingly put out a cancer-causing product.

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries-Personal Injury Claims

Every year, there are over 6 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States alone, making auto injury cases one of the most common types of personal injury claims.

The problem with these cases is that proving liability can be difficult. These cases often become contentious with both parties asserting that they are the victim.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is ideal to secure your compensation. They can communicate with law enforcement and the insurance companies of the involved parties.

In addition to car accidents, lawyers can handle bicycle-versus-car, motorcycle-versus-car, and pedestrian-versus-car accidents.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

Doctors are the people we trust with our health, as they take the Hippocratic Oath to do their patients no harm. But that isn’t always how things go. There are thousands of medical malpractice cases in the US each year, and the effects can be life-changing.

Medical malpractice can take the form of childbirth injuries, errors made in surgery or under anesthesia, errors with medication, delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or a failure to treat a condition. This can lead to new or worsened ailments that can be incredibly debilitating.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits aren’t terribly common, but they happen much more than you might suspect. Many wrongful death suits stem from the over 38,000 auto accident deaths that happen on American roadways every year.

Families often struggle to afford final costs for their deceased loved ones. If your loved one died as the result of someone else’s negligence, you have grounds for a personal injury claim. A compassionate and skilled attorney will be able to handle your case with dignity and respect.

No matter which type of personal injury you’ve endured, you deserve to have a qualified lawyer working your case.

Hiring a personal injury attorney gives you an advantage whether you end up taking a settlement or going to court since they can help get you the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.


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