When you think of home renovations, you probably imagine updating your countertops or replacing linoleum flooring with high-quality hardwood floors. While these are all excellent choices for how to add style and comfort to your home, there’s an even more essential renovation project that you might be seeing right through.

The ubiquity of windows often makes them underappreciated and entirely ignored when it comes to renovating a home, unless serious damage happens to a window and the situation becomes an emergency.

However, windows aren’t just there to admire: they’re an essential component of a house and should be considered a priority whenever you’re thinking about how to improve your home’s resale value. Here are three reasons why you should invest in great windows now: you’ll thank yourself later!

New Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Window energy efficiency

Windows are wonderful, as they provide fresh air and sunlight; think about how delightful it is to walk into an airy room full of natural light. However, they can also make a house drafty and uncomfortable, dragging down its energy efficiency and costing you valuable money.

The US Department of Energy estimates that the heat gain and loss through windows is responsible for up to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, which can translate to hundreds of dollars literally out the window every year!

Older homes are especially vulnerable to wasted money, as decades-old windows were not made with the latest energy efficiency technology; even if their windows were updated twenty or thirty years ago, the sealing might have degraded dramatically, majorly upping the energy lost through each entrance.

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are a bit higher every year, getting new windows is an excellent way to save money over the long term. It’s a pricey investment up front, but over time it will pay for itself in lower energy bills – and greater comfort.

A Window Upgrade can Reduce Inconveniences and Help you Enjoy your Home

enjoy your home

Do you feel fully comfortable in your home? Maybe your house seems a little dated or worn down in a way you just can’t explain. If this is your general sense, maybe you’re overlooking one essential part of a house’s style: its windows.

Even if your windows aren’t broken, they may have cracks between the wall and windowsill, a small feature that can make your house seem less spectacular than you’d like. Old, fussy windows that are difficult to open or clean may be frustrating, and they may attract dust that you struggle to wipe away.

You might dread the coming of summer, as it means fighting with an old-style storm window that refuses to come out of its tracks so that you can replace it with a screen. While these seem minor, they can greatly reduce your enjoyment of your home, and new windows can alleviate these inconveniences.

A qualified Denver window replacement company will consider all of the ways that windows impact your comfort and provide excellent solutions based on your needs, whether that’s sliding panes that can tip out for easy cleaning, or triple-pane windows to keep out the winter chill.

With new windows, you can get back to really enjoying your house, as you won’t despair about streaky windowpanes and frustrating storm windows.

Well-Installed Windows Provide you Peace of Mind

windows provide you peace of mind

The best way to ensure you feel safe and comfortable in your home is to know that things have been installed correctly, and that you know exactly what all the features are.

Unless you’re the very first owner of your home, you might not know how your windows were installed or how safe and energy-efficient they are. You might fear that your window will break during a heavy storm because it was made with more fragile materials, or that it will let in moisture that will damage the structural integrity of your house. These are considerations that we rarely think about, but they can lead to major problems down the road.

If you work with a company you trust, you’ll know exactly what kinds of windows were installed, how they were placed in your home, and what their warranty is. You’ll have access to all the reading materials which explain the features of these particular windows, including their durability and how long they are expected to last.

Also, should you ever run into problems with your window, you will know who you can call for advice and repairs. This can be an absolute godsend if a window unexpectedly breaks, and it will help you feel more prepared if anything should happen.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to overlook windows and underestimate their significance, but a well-designed and properly installed window can add great value to your home – and your life overall. Lower energy bills, less hassle, and peace of mind are more than enough reason to select window upgrades as your next home renovation. You’ll appreciate the value of energy-efficient and beautiful windows for years to come.


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