A home is a big investment, and so are its components, including windows. Whenever we choose to undertake a large renovation on our most important assets, it’s essential that we understand exactly what is going to happen so that we can make the most informed decision possible.

Let’s look at the steps to getting fresh windows placed in your home to add maximum comfort, style, and energy efficiency.

Pre-Work: Choosing a Great Window Replacement Company

Before you can get started on the window replacement process, you need to select a company that suits your needs and budget. The best St. Louis window replacement companies come highly rated: not just by customers, but by other agencies as well, like the Better Business Bureau.

Look for companies that are BBB Accredited, with additional industry-specific qualifications like being part of the Contractors Alliance. You should also examine their reviews to see if other customers have been satisfied with their installation; be sure to check not just their website, but third-party agencies as well.

Step one: Site Inspection

site inspection

After you’ve contacted a window replacement company, their technicians will visit your home and take a look at the windows you’d like to replace. After examining the current windows, they’ll discuss your options and suggest what would look best in that area. There are many window options out there, but don’t be alarmed: a great company will walk you through each of the styles, frames, and materials so that you feel fully confident in your decision and know exactly what you’re going to get.

Step Two: Project Proposal

project proposal

After you’ve selected the style of window you’d like to have placed in your home, the company will write up a project proposal, which will include how many windows are being replaced, the type of window you’ve chosen, the cost of labor and materials, and a timeline for completion.

Great window replacement companies are meticulous about this estimate and will make sure that you’ve never surprised by hidden fees or sudden drastic changes to the timeline. This is why their inspection process must be rigorous and consider every possible factor of the installation: so that you know exactly what to expect.

Step Three: Installation


When a company installs your windows, they’ll make you aware of everything that will be going on, from removing the original window to placing, securing, and double-checking the tightness of the seals around the window. Great communication is a hallmark of a great company, and they will keep you up to date on everything that’s happening with your installation, such as what you can expect to happen the next day and if they ran into any trouble during the day’s installation.

It can be worrisome to have people in your house, especially if you have kids and dogs, so good installation technicians will work to minimize any interruption and work around your schedule. They’ll make sure you always feel comfortable with their presence and intrude upon your daily routine as much as possible; in other words, they’ll be good houseguests!

Step Four: Cleanup and Walkthrough

cleanup and walkthrough

While window installation is more localized than a larger home improvement project like roofing or kitchen renovation, it can still cause debris, which must be cleaned up for your safety. The last step that the window installation company will perform is tidying up both inside and outside your home to ensure that they haven’t left behind any stray nails or other remnants of their work.

Many companies will use magnets to locate and remove nails, then perform a sweep for anything else that has been left behind, so that it seems they were never there.

After this is complete, the technicians will answer any last questions you may have about your new window, provide you with all the warranty information, and provide the signed contract that confirms the project is done to your satisfaction.

However, if something comes up in a few days and you realize you didn’t ask a pivotal question, you can always contact your window installation company for further details, so don’t be afraid to reach out: this is your home and you should be absolutely delighted with the results of their work.

Step Five: Dressing up your New Window

This is the fun part! Now that you have a beautiful new window, it’s time to get some delightful window treatments that will show off its glory. There are a variety of window treatments out there, such as curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades, and each one has its pros and cons. The sky is really the limit here, so think out of the box and consider what will make a seamless flow throughout your home.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to expect of a construction project will afford you peace of mind and help you feel more confident about your decision; now that you know the steps of a window installation, you can reach out to qualified St. Louis window replacement companies and get started on making your home safer, more efficient, and even more spectacular than before.


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