Fencing is an ideal way to keep your home secure and attractive. If you’re thinking of installing fencing on your property, there are many different styles to consider. To get you started, let’s go over the five core fencing styles that you should be looking at in 2023:

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1. Composite Fence Style

Composite fencing provides the appearance of real wood without the drawback of being susceptible to weather and other outdoor element exposure. This fencing can be more expensive upfront because it is made of resin or plastic with a wood accent, but it is made to withstand the test of time, making it a solid long-term investment. For homeowners that are looking to pack a ton of home equity to their property, composite fences are often incredibly popular for this reason. When installed, hydraulic post drivers are used to guarantee that the job is done in a quick, efficient, and safe manner. Many local companies can help you with this process, and use skid steer vehicles to perform the job effectively.

2. Wood Fence Style

Wood fencing is adaptable and is rated according to how the wood looks. Clear-grade wood fences are the highest-grade varieties, followed by premium, select, standard, and quality. Compared to other types of wood, lumber is less expensive up front, is simple to seal or stain, and holds finishes well. There are a lot of different wood types that are used for this fencing style, although southern pine, redwood, and cedar are the most widely used. Finding the right color, style, stain, and design is key when choosing a wood fence for your property. Although this type of fencing is expensive and can be tricky to maintain, it is also one of the most attractive types of fencing out there.

3. Chain Link Fence Style

Although one of the more economical fencing solutions, chain link fencing isn’t the most appealing. Chain link fences might offer a reasonably good-looking appearance if your fence won’t be seen from your home, however. Chain link fences tend to also be incredibly strong and secure, which is why commercial properties frequently utilize them. These are some of the least aesthetically pleasing fences out there, but the efficiency of the material and style ensures that chain link is going to be widely used for decades to come. Additionally, the galvanized material used to craft chain link fences ensures that they are resistant to corrosion, and will last for a long time.

4. Vinyl Fence Style

Vinyl fencing is a dependable solution to provide privacy and security. These plastic fences are available in a variety of neutral finishes and are simple to clean with a hose. Homeowners who do not like to spend too much time doing yard work, or those who cannot afford to constantly upgrade and maintain their fencing (as you have to do with wood fencing), often opt for vinyl-style fences. They are also relatively inexpensive, which has made them popular among neighborhood developers that install fences as homes are being built. It’s also incredibly simple to find matching gates that will give your vinyl fencing an even fancier, more efficient build. Vinyl fencing is ideal for those that want quality, without breaking their home improvement budget.

5. Metal Fence Style

When you want to contain children or pets in the yard without obstructing the view, metal fencing is an excellent choice. Metal fences frequently feature gaps between the various poles, which makes it difficult for animals to enter or leave your property while causing the least amount of obstruction to your sightlines. Although metal fencing can be fairly expensive, it is also incredibly durable. If you’re looking for fencing that will last you for decades and will require little-to-no maintenance, going with metal fencing is highly recommended. Typically, these fences are made using heavily-gauged aluminum, and other tough, but fairly lightweight metal materials. The fact that metal fencing does not easily fade, or become discolored, has made it popular among homeowners who live in harsher climates that experience frequent inclement weather conditions.

Consider Specialty Fence Styles

Your fences may occasionally need to perform a particularly specialized task. When that happens, have a look at the specialty fences made to satisfy certain requirements while adding style to your area. There are a wide variety of specialty fence types to consider. If the other choices on this list do not fit your needs, consult with a fence installer to discover what type of specialty fence will best serve your needs.

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