There are a few different ways to replace lost or broken teeth, such as dental bridges and implants. Dental implants, however, are a clear winner. Dental implants can replace missing teeth in ways that dentures and bridges can’t.

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Dental implants Kansas City MO can help you regain confidence if you have problems with your teeth and smile.

Dental implants Kansas City

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

Implants are the standard treatment for situations where one or more teeth are missing or a tooth is severely decayed or broken beyond repair. Dentures, partial dentures, and bridges can all be more comfortable with implant technology.

Patients with insufficient bone, specific diseases, or lifestyle choices were not considered for implants in the past. Previously inaccessible implant procedures are now feasible for most patients thanks to recent diagnostics and bone reconstruction developments.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Here are a few advantages of getting implants. Read below to find out.

Looks And Feels Like Real Teeth

A significant benefit of implants is that they allow patients to regain their full chewing ability. The implant tooth looks like a natural tooth to most patients. They can use it for their regular eating and dental hygiene needs.

Implanted Teeth Are Permanent

You may know barbecue is the quintessential example of Kansas City’s culinary scene. A food tour is the best way to sample the best barbecue restaurants in the area. A tour guide will fill you in on the best Kansas City restaurants as you ride around town in a comfortable bus. But can you enjoy this culinary experience with unhealthy teeth?

The answer is no. Dental implants, which are cutting-edge technology, are the answer to this problem. Dental implants in Kansas City MO have the potential to last a lifetime, whereas a bridge may need to be replaced after only ten years.

The jawbone of the patient will eventually fuse with the titanium implant. Because the body does not reject it and because it does not contain any toxins, it is biocompatible. In general, it’s a very lifelike and functional replacement tooth.

Helps In Avoiding Bone Loss

When tooth roots (or implants) are missing, jawbone tissue stops being stimulated and begins to atrophy. If a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone in the jaw begins to atrophy from a lack of use. When teeth are lost, the bone surrounding the empty socket gradually deteriorates, losing 25% of its volume in the first year alone if an implant is not placed.

Since dentures frequently become loose and then rub against the bony ridge, they can hasten its deterioration. An implant looks like a natural tooth and functions as one, stimulating bone growth and making chewing feel normal again.

Keeps Neighboring Teeth In Place

When a tooth is missing, the teeth around it may shift unevenly to try to fill the void. It can alter your bite, chewing, and facial appearance due to the teeth being yanked out of place. Interference can occur, making future tooth replacements more challenging. Inadequate jaw alignment can also cause problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), manifesting as jaw pain and even headaches.



Dental implants are permanent and don’t require maintenance for the rest of your life, unlike other tooth replacement options. If you qualify, dental implants are among the best treatment options. The benefits of these devices include their versatility, long life, and protection of your oral health, both short and long-term.


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