Victor Hovland is a professional golf player from Norway who plays on the PGA Tour. He has earned his fame by becoming the first Norwegian player to win the first PGA Tour Puerto Rico Open (2020) and the first BMW International Open (2021). He has also won Mayakoba Golf Classic (2020) and US Amateur (2018). Coming towards Victor Hovland’s relationship status and wife, nothing is known about it. Fans even speculate that the player is gay. Keep on reading to find out the truth about Victor Hovland wife and his sexuality.

Victor Hovland Early Life

Victor Hovland Early Life

Victor Hovland was born to Norwegian parents on September 18 1997 in Oslo, Norway. He started playing golf at the young age of eleven. His father used to work in America and sent him equipment to practice before Victor moved to the US. His father, Harald, helped him polish his skills by playing indoors.

Victor Hovland went to Oklahoma State University and was a part of its golf team. He became a Norwegian winner of the Amateur Golf Championship in 2014. After winning the US Amateur in 2018, Victor Hovland was invited to play in the Open Championship, US Open, and Masters Tournament in 2019.

He made his professional debut with Travellers and Open Championship in 2019. As mentioned earlier, Victor Hovland’s prominent victories include Puerto Rico Open (2020), Mayakoba Golf Classic (2020), and BMW International Open (2021).

Victor Hovland’s Relationship Status. Is He Gay?

Victor Hovland’s personal life is highly mysterious. He has never shared anything about his girlfriends or even boyfriends and nothing is even shared on his social media accounts.

Based on these facts, fans and critics speculate that the golf player is gay. But even in this regard, no information is available yet. We will let you know as soon as we get our hands on something new.

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Victor Hovland’s Wife and Children

Victor Hovland is 26 years of age according to his official date of birth. The golf player is not married right now and is enjoying his single life. Nothing is known about his past and so the player does not have any children either.

The young man is fully focused on his career and spends most of his time improving his skills. That may be one of the reasons that he has taken a step back from his love life.

Given his masculine body and charming personality, people are interested in knowing about Victor Hovland’s wife and his private life and often claim him to be gay without any solid proof. Nevertheless, the player is still young and has plenty of time for relationships, marriage, and children once he is well-established in his field.

Net Worth and Source of Income

As a golf player, Victor Hovland’s main income comes from playing in various national and international golf tournaments.

His salary is estimated to be around $210K with a net worth of approximately $15 million. Nothing is known further whether the player has any side businesses or if he earns from some collaborations.

Physical Appearance

Victor Hovland Physical Appearance

Victor Hovland is a handsome young man with a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a body weight of around 75 kilograms. He has short black hair and deep hazel eyes. Given his strong physique, Victor Hovland is known to work out regularly while following a strict diet and healthy habits.

Victor Hovland Facts

  •  Victor Hovland has a total of six professional victories.
  •  His favorite animal is the cat.
  •  Victor loves the color blue.
  •  Even after spending several years in the US, Victor Hovland finds it difficult to speak English.
  • He has learned the language from watching movies and dramas like Lincoln and Amistad.

Social Media Accounts

Victor Hovland is quite active on social media where he shares his victories and sports activities regularly. His Instagram and Twitter accounts go by the names ‘victor_hovland’ and ‘Tracking Hovland’, respectively.

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FAQs about Victor Hovland

Who is Victor Hovland?

Victor Hovland is a professional golf player from Norway. He plays in the PGA Tour and has gathered many victories.

Who is Victor Hovland’s Wife/Girlfriend?

The golf player does not have a girlfriend and has never been married. He has no children and is enjoying his single life while focusing on his career.

What is Victor Hovland’s Age?

As of September 18, 1997, Victor Hovland is a young man of 26 years.

How Many Children Does Victor Hovland have?

As mentioned earlier, being never in a relationship, Victor Hovland has no kids at all.

What is Victor Hovland’s nationality?

Victor Hovland is a Norwegian and even after spending several years in the US, he is still not a national.

How Does Victor Hovland Earn?

Victor Hovland makes his money from awards and prizes he wins at golf tournaments. Apart from that he has no other known source of income.


To sum it all up, Victor Hovland is an emerging golf player who is fully focused on his career. And that is the very reason he is not interested in getting into relationships or starting a family after marriage. He is not gay at all. Being a young man he has plenty of years to indulge in these activities later on in life.

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