Fame is just like a scent that spreads with even a single breeze; one popular family member brings all under the spotlight. Tose page is also the luckiest person who got famous because of his brother Rege jean.

Rege Jean is a British actor; he played many roles in various dramas and hit movies. He will be in the leading role in his next film, Dungeons, and Dragons. He got three awards for his outstanding acting skills.

Rege Jean Page Brother: Tose Page

Tose Page became the top news after disclosure of his relationship with Netflix’s popular drama Bridgerton’s actor Rege jean. He is one of those personalities who want no media involvement in their lives.

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Tose Page Age Wikipedia:

Full name Tose page
Nick name Tose
Gender Male
Ethnicity Black English
Nationality English
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Single
Siblings 3 siblings, Rege -Jean Page is one of them
Famous for Brother to Rege -Jean Page
Tose page’s Instagram @tunyamusic
Tose page’s Twitter @tunyamusic

Tose Page is a Musician by Profession

Tose Page Professional Life
Source: tatler.com

Tose and his brother Rege launched the band TUNYA, and they did this in their teenage years. One of their most astonishing projects was “DON’T WAIT,” in collaboration with an excellent team. The project was directed by Lanre Malaolu and choreographed by an award-winning artist.

The story revolves around learning to cope with anonymous grief and the legacy that the world makes. The answer for how to learn better and faster? It is also covered.

The short film was released on YouTube on November 1st, 2020, and is loved even today.

Is Tose Page Active on Any Other Social Media?

Tose Page is not active on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. He is one of those personalities we can’t easily find on online media platforms.

Unlike him, his brother is running Instagram and Twitter accounts with a tremendous fan following. He has about 6.3 million fans on Instagram and around 243.4K followers on the Twitter platform.

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Is Tose Page Dating? A Rumor or Reality

Tose Page Dating
Source: nickiswift.com

Rumors of dating on Tose Page all have no reality. He didn’t post or publish anything from his personal life. So, there is no evidence of dating or relationship status. He is poles apart from his brother, who is posting about his life.

Brother Rege Jean is dating a copywriter and soccer player, Emily Brown. They started their journey in 2019, dating rumors began in 2021, and they officially announced their relationship in September 2021.

The enchanting couple kept their relationship private and didn’t like to share more about themselves; that’s why they are rarely captured together.

Emily Brown is a brilliant copywriter who works for international brands like Uber, Nike, and Converse. She is also a part-time football player for a charity club.

Tose Page’s Net Worth

According to some online resources, Tose page’s net worth might be about $500 thousand. His source of income is his music and producer career, which is his primary source of income. Other private sources of income are not known yet.

His brother, Rege, has been acting since 2001. He has worked in this job for two decades; his estimated net worth is nearly $1.5 million until August 2020.

Tose Page has not been public on the internet via any platform, so it is tough to know his net worth. He might be fresh in the entertainment industry and has been unable to make considerable money like his brother.

As it is understood through his brother that he is into music, the musical short film might have also paid him fairly a few bucks. Moreover, he has a powerful bond with his brother, so he might be noticed in some big tasks with his brother in the future.

Tose Page’s Age, Weight, and Height

Tose Page cannot be seen on Wikipedia, although his brother Rege has been featured on it. The realities connected to his birthdate are inaccessible. In contrast, it is understood that he is the oldest among his parents’ two sons.

From his brother Rege Page’s Wikipedia, we can apprehend that Tose is of Zimbabwean descent. His birthplace is also unsure as it is hard to determine whether he was born in Zimbabwe or England.

As he has not created any authorized public impressions yet, finding much news about him is challenging. There is no information available about his weight and age.

Tose Page Was Born & Raised in England

Tose page is the son of an English father and a Zimbabwean mother. His mother was a nurse by profession and his father was a preacher.

He is the youngest brother of Rege jean. He has mixed ethnical ancestry and English nationality.
Parents raise their children globally, so they have relatives in numerous countries like Florida, South Africa, Sweden, Australia, and many more.

Relationship with Brother Rege Jean Page

Tose‘s brother Rege Jean started his career in 2001 and at this time he got fame and love too. His leading role was first as Simon Basset in Bridgerton. It was released on December 25, 2020. His justice for the role brings exhilarating news and he got the NAACP image award in drama for Simon’s character.

There are some more projects with his impressive acting. A bunch of them have listed below

  • For the people
  • Survivor
  • Fresh meat
  • Grey man
  • Roots
  • Waterloo road
  • Mortal Engines

Tose Page’s Brother Talks about Mixed-Race Children

As Rege started his acting career, he faced racial hate and was pushed down into complexity. It seems harder for him to work calmly in a friendly environment.

He stated, “It’s very hard to craft an identity in that environment as a young, mixed-race man. I learned from age three that I was a walking political statement. Just by walking around with my face, I was saying, ‘My parents did a fairly revolutionary thing that pisses off some of you.'”

He also competes for living space and adequate food to live. Tose page’s brother says,

“You learn how you act and associate yourself with particular groups. I recall there was a nice nursery school fairly close to us; my mum took me along, and there wasn’t enough room, and then my dad took me along, and there was enough room.”

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