Tisha Campbell is a famous American multi-talented actress, singer, and comedian. Tisha Cambel net worth is $500 thousand. She has appeared in some of America’s most popular TV shows and movies throughout her career.
Tisha’s professional career started by appearing in a music video back in 1986.

After that, she never looked back and appeared in a number of acting projects. Giana-Waters Payen, however, was the character that made her famous. It was a popular comedy series in America.

There are many famous movies in which she has appeared, including the House Party trilogy, The Last Place on Earth, and many others. It has been a long time since Tisha Campbell worked in the industry.

But if we look at Tisha Cambel net worth, then it is surprisingly very low considering her career’s success. I know this question will be in your mind looking at her professional life.

The simple answer to this question is that she has suffered a number of financial issues during her married life with Duane Martin. This is a long story with a background. I will explain it later in the article. But first thing comes first. Let’s start with her early life.

Tisha Campbell’s Early Life

Tisha Campbell’s Early Life
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Michelle Tisha Campbell was born in Oklahoma City on October 13th, 1968. Her father’s name is Clifton Campbell; he was a worker in a factory. While her mother’s name is Mona, and she used to work in a hospital as a nurse.

She spent her childhood alongside five siblings in Newark, New Jersey. Since her childhood, she has been interested in singing and dancing. Her parents’ interest in music also influenced her throughout her childhood. Tisha’s mother was a gospel singer and vocal coach who majorly inspired her to pursue music.

She also grew up hearing her father sing and play chess. Thus, she began participating in her church choir and taking dance classes. She was also involved in theater and was casted in several school plays. Additionally, Tisha studied music at the Washington Academy of Music.

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Tisha Cambell’s Personal Life & Family

Tisha Cambel persnoal life
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Tisha Cambell dated Duaen Martin for about Four good Years. In 1996 both decided to get married. Duaen Mertin is an actor and was also involved in real estate professionally. After almost five years of marriage, in 2001, Campbell and Martin were blessed with a baby boy. His name is Xen Martin. Again in 2009, they were blessed with a baby boy named Ezekiel Martin.

Their marriage ended by filing for divorce in 2018 due to a financial dispute between Martin and Campbell. In 2020, their divorce was finalized after the financial settlement was reached through the court. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the court settlement, neither Cambell nor Duane got the children’s custody.

Tisha Campbell’s Professional Career

In order to pursue an acting career, Tisha moved to Los Angeles. She appeared in several television shows, including What’s Happening Now! and 227. She also had roles in films such as School Daze and House Party 2.

It was at the early age of 6 years that Tisha began acting. She appeared in many series like The Big Blue Marble, Kids Are People Too, Unicorn Tales, and Captain Kangaroo.

In 1986, she was sixteen years old when she got a role in “Little Shop of Horrors.” In Hollywood, she continuously got various roles in some famous series. Tisha appeared in a number of series off and on.

After leaving the drama series, she also got opportunities in the film industry. She started her film career with a role in the movie “School Daze.”

Tisha Cambell’s Pursuenece of Music Career

Tisha Cambell’s Pursuenece of Music Career
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Music has always interested Tisha Campbell since childhood, so she pursued music as a career. Her career in the music industry has been quite successful. It was 1992 when she released her debut album named “Tisha.”

A song from her debut album was also featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Sprung.” Over the course of her career, she appeared in the music videos of a variety of artists.

For instance, from 1900 to 2000, she appeared in music videos like “Hello,” “You’re Makin’ Me High,” “Wild Wild West and many more. After that, she took a long break and was back in 2010 with many singles like 22 Sumeres, and I don’t wanna be alone tonight.

Tisha Cambell’s Breakthrough In Acting

Tisha Cambell’s Breakthrough In Acting
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In 1992, Tisha Cambell’s got a role in the Fox comedy series Martin. It is considered a breakthrough role in her professional acting career. She was casted opposite to Martin Lawrence. The audience was captivated by this show as a lot of interest was shown by the audience in this show.

Unfortunately, due to an unwanted incident, Cambell left this show. What happened was Cambell accused her co-actor, Martin, of sexual harassment, during the show. She also filed a harassment case against him in court.

But this didn’t halt her career. She kept on gaining roles in a number of series and movies. These include roles in the 1998 film “The Sweetest Gift,” the ABC comedy series “My Wife and Kids,” which lasted until 2005, and the film “The Last Place on Earth.”

She also played some recurring roles on shows such as “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Rita Rocks,” and “The Protector.”

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Real Estate

Tisha Cambel and Duane Martin had enjoyed successful careers in acting. Money goes hand in hand with success. So, the couple invested a great amount of money in the real estate sector.

One such investment, as reported, was in 2004, when the couple bought a luxurious house in Lake Arrowhead, California. There were 3,858 square feet of living space in the house. In 2004 the property’s worth was $880.000. But in 2009, they sold this property for $1.6 Million, gaining a huge profit.

The couple purchased their primary residence in Chatsworth for $900,000 in 2005. But this property was forcibly sold due to a bankruptcy issue. The sale of their house was contested by Tisha because she believed Duane and his family should not benefit from it.

Bankruptcy Matter

The bankruptcy matter of Tisha Cambell and her husband came out in 2016 when they both filed a suit for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There were less assets in their possession than debts on their shoulders. Their assets were worth $313,000, but they owed more than $15 million.

As of the time of their listing, they owned $65,000 in real estate and $248,000 in personal property. The court documents they submitted confirmed all of this information. According to the court-submitted documents, their income and expenses had a huge gap.

Their monthly income was $7,655, with almost $17,000 in monthly expenses. Furthermore, the couple allegedly owes thousands of dollars in back taxes due to their financial difficulties during this turbulent time.

The court documents also revealed that among the vehicles the couple owned were a 2014 Range Rover, a 2016 Range Rover, a 1999 Kawasaki Drifter, and a Jeep Wrangler. Duane was forced to sell this Chatsworth property as part of his bankruptcy deal to pay off many debts.

Additionally, Will Smith provided a loan of $1.5 million. Although Tisha Campbell wants her ex-husband not to receive any proceeds from the sale of the Chatsworth property, he is being blocked from receiving them. Tisha argued that neither Duane nor his family should be allowed to benefit from the real estate sale.

Tisha Cambel’s Networth 2023

Tisha Cambel Networth is $500,000, according to the latest information. Her annual income is estimated to be almost $250,000. Acting projects such as movies and series contribute a large portion of her income as a professional actor.

Over the course of her career, she has been involved in several famous acting roles. Moreover, she also does commercial projects as well. As I have mentioned earlier that she is also a singer. So music is also a source of income for her.

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Final Words

Tisha Cambel being an actor has seen ups and down not just in her professional life but also in her personal life. As her professional career progressed, she got some big breakthroughs in addition to small roles.

It’s fair to say that Tisha Cambel net worth does not match her stature as an actor. However, some unfortunate events have occurred in her life to make this happen. A detailed description of all of these things and much more can be found in the article above. So, to get a complete picture, read the article.


What is the exact net worth of Tisha Cambel?

Tisha Cambel’s Networth is $500,000, according to the latest information.

Why is Tisha Cambel Networth so low?

The simple answer to this question is that she has suffered a number of financial issues, including the bankruptcy suffered during her married life with Duane Martin.

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