Do you know Timothy Hawking, Stepson of Stephen Hawking? Timothy is the son of Jane Hawking, Stephen’s first wife, and musician Jonathan Hellyer Jones. Although he grew up in the shadow of his stepfather’s genius, Timothy has distinguished himself as a talented and accomplished guy. Timothy has pursued a career in finance and a love of traveling while upholding his stepfather’s legacy. Timothy Hawking—what makes him special? This article covers his biography, age, height, net worth, and marriage.

Quick Facts

Full NameTimothy Hawking
Popular ForStephen Hawking’s Stepson
Age (As of 2023)43 Years
Date of Birth15th of April 1979
Birth PlaceHertfordshire, UK
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight64 kg
Estimated Net Worth$50,000

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Timothy Hawking Biography

Timothy Hawking Biography

The Biography of Timothy Hawking is an eye-catching read for anyone interested in the life of one of the most intelligent minds of our time. As the stepson of the late Stephen Hawking, Timothy’s early existence was deeply connected with the scientific community.

However, his journey has taken him in a different direction than his well-known stepfather’s. Despite this, Timothy has always been drawn to physics and the mysteries of the universe.

His story represents the strength of determination and the unbreakable relationship between a father and son, even in the face of limitless challenges. The biography of Timothy is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and insight into the life of a remarkable individual.

Timothy Hawking’s Net Worth

Timothy Hawking’s net worth has been a topic of speculation for many years. While his total assets are not publicly known, he has likely amassed a comfortable sum of money throughout his career. After completing his Master of Science from the University of Birmingham, Timothy worked as an accountant and brand development specialist.

He later joined the toy company LEGO as a Loyalty Executive in March 2010. At such a young age, he works as a Brand Manager of LEGO Groups in London after his promotion. It’s unclear how much Timothy makes annually, but his current market value is likely impacted by his career trajectory and experience in the business world.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Timothy may have received a portion of the Hawking estate after the passing of his stepfather Stephen Hawking in 2018. He may also have other assets such as savings, investments, or property contributing to his net worth.

However, like many people, Timothy may also have outstanding liabilities, such as credit card balances or bills that detract from his financial value. Despite this, it’s estimated that Timothy’s net worth is around $50,000, which may fluctuate as his career and financial situation evolves.

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Timothy Hawking Age/Weight/Height

Timothy Hawking Age/Weight/Height

Timothy Hawking was born on the 15th of April, 1979, and is now 43 years old. His weight is 64 kg, which is likely that he maintains a healthy body weight for his age and height. Timothy’s exact height of 5 feet 8 inches is widely reported.

Timothy grew up as the stepson of one of the greatest minds of our time. He has managed to maintain a relatively private life despite his family’s high profile. As a young man, he pursued various interests and professional pursuits, eventually succeeding in his career.

While Timothy’s age, weight, and height may not be significant measures of his success or accomplishments, they offer a glimpse into his personal life and provide insight into his physical health and well-being.

Timothy Hawking Relationship Status

Timothy Hawking Relationship Status

Timothy Hawking’s current relationship status is not publicly known. However, details about his personal relationships and family life are generally kept private, and it’s unclear whether he is currently married or in a de facto relationship.

Like many people, Timothy’s relationships and obligations are separate from his professional pursuits and accomplishments. His experience as a father and partner may have shaped his perspective on life and impacted his career trajectory in some way.

Ultimately, Timothy’s personal life is his own business, and he is entitled to privacy regarding his relationships and family matters.


Has Timothy Studied at Oxford University?

He has a BA in Spanish and French from Exeter University in the UK and a Masters In Science from the University of Birmingham.

How Many Step-Siblings have Timothy?

Timothy has three step-siblings, Lucy hawking, Robert, and Timothy’s half-sister, Hannah.

Has Timothy Ever Written a Book or Memoir?

Timothy has not written any books or memoirs.

Has Timothy Ever Spoken Publicly About his Personal Life?

He has not spoken publicly about his personal life.

Have Stephen Hawking and Timothy’s Mother did Agreement on Child Support?

It is not publicly known if Stephen Hawking and Timothy’s mother agreed on child support, as this is a private matter between the individuals involved.

Has Timothy Ever had a DNA test?

No public information is available on whether Timothy has undergone a DNA test.

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