Suzanne Whiston is a well-known television producer on BBC. She is also known as the long-term girlfriend of English comedian Karl Pilkington. So let’s read about Karl’s partner Suzanne Whiston.

Who is Suzanne Whiston?

Who is Suzanne Whiston?-Karl Pilkington

Suzanne Whiston is most famously the producer of the television program “Match Of The Day,” which is broadcast on BBC One and provides football match highlights during the Premier League season.

She is also famously known as Karl Pilkington’s partner, one of the well-known English comedians, actors, and producers.

In this article, I have highlighted everything about Suzanne Whiston life, career, achievements, and relationships.

So let’s get started!

Suzanne Whiston Early Life, Age & Family

Suzanne Whiston Early Life, Age & Family

Suzanne was born in England on April 21, 1968. So she is 54 years old and currently lives in Manchester, England. Suzanne’s ethnicity is white, and she is a beautiful and well-maintained lady.

However, Suzanne is a private person and always tries to keep her personal life out of the media. That’s why the lady never mentioned the details about her family, parents, upbringing, and school.

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Suzanne Whiston Professional Career & Fame Journey

Suzanne started her professional career in the mid-90s in Manchester. She joined the radio station Key 103 as a producer. In the start, she performed limited tasks, but her hard work made her achieve more, and soon she became popular and began receiving big opportunities.

As a result, she then moved to BBC to work as a producer for BBC’s one of the longest-running shows, MOTD. After joining BBC, her popularity graph began to rise, and she was also considered one of the few talented women working on sports television shows.

In 2004 while working at BBC, she covered the FA Cup with a team of reporters. After two years, in 2006, she covered FIFA World Cup and became known worldwide. She also made a good net worth at that time.

Suzanne Whiston Alrite Productions

Besides working as a radio and BBC show producer, Suzanne also started her own production company known as Alrite Production. Currently, it also has its Youtube Chanel by the company’s name, and upto now, it has posted one animated movie trailer. But after posting this trailer of “A Love of Two Brains,” the company did not further post any video on the channel.

Suzanne Whiston Current Net Worth

Suzanne has worked as a producer for quite a long time, and after getting the opportunity on the BBC channel, the lady got more popularity and money. As of 2023, she has a total net worth of around $2 million. Working for BBC as a producer contributed significantly to her net worth.

Suzanne Whiston’s Social Media Presence

Unlike all celebrities, Suzanne is not active on social media platforms. As I mentioned above, she prefers to keep her life private, and when it comes to sharing her life routine with followers, she needs to catch up.

She is not a Facebook or Instagram user. But she has a Twitter account. However, Suzanne does not use it much, as she posted her last tweet in 2013 and has around 3k followers.

Suzanne Long Term Partner, Karl Pilkington

 Suzanne Whiston

Karl Pilkington is a famous English presenter, comedian, actor, voice artist, producer, and author. He was born on 23 September 1972 in England and is 50 years old. Karl started his professional career in the late 90s and proved himself multitalented.

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As a member of Gervais’ comedy-drama series Derek, Karl made his acting debut that was co-produced with Merchant and Gervais. Also, he was a co-creator, co-writer, and actor in Sick of It.

Pilkington currently lives in Sandbanks, Dorset, and also works as a humanitarian for children. Pilkington and Suzanne have been together for more than 25 years, and in his work, he frequently mentions the long-term relationship he has with his partner, Suzanne.

Love Life of Suzanne Whiston & Karl Pilkington

Suzanne and Karl have quite different love life. Suzanne met with his long-term partner Karl while working together on a project. Since then, the two started dating each other.

It’s been 25 years that the couple has been together and celebrating their relationship but did not married yet. Karl has different choices and does not want a family and kids. That’s why the two never married and are still dating. The couple does not have any children and lives in Manchester.

Karl and Suzanne’s love story started with a sweet incident. During a project together, Karl wanted a drink, but he did not have a change, so Suzanne helped him to take the drink. Afterward, they became friends and later started dating.

Is Suzanne Married or Split?

The well-known sports journalist Suzanne neither married nor split up with her partner, Karl. The two have been together for many years but have not married. So we can say the two are still dating each other.

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