Selling Sunset – a Netflix TV reality show features the “filthy rich” real estate agents at “The Oppenheim Group.”

Selling Sunset stars sell houses to the wealthiest people in Los Angeles, but the cast also has impressive wealth themselves.

These hardworking agents earn thousands of dollars in commission every time they sell a vast property.

Many have previously worked in other lucrative industries. Of course, the real twins “Oppenheim’s,” who lead the area’s most successful real estate agents, are now absolutely rolling in it!

Long story short – the reality TV show, Selling Sunset cast net worth is ridiculously loaded! We have rounded up the net worth of each star in our article. Let’s find out who’s ahead of all.

Selling Sunset Cast Net Worth: Who Tops Who?

Hold Your Heart And Let’s Find Out!

The supremely luxurious and happening lifestyle of Selling Sunset cast makes it obvious how insanely rich each cast member is. From the kind of “filthy rich” houses they have, we can barely even imagine setting our feet inside, let alone living in one.

Are you excited to know about the whopping Selling Sunset cast net worth? Hold your breath!

Romain Bonnet (Net Worth: $500,000)

Romain Bonnet

Romain’s profession has been the subject of much speculation since the show began. Could Mary be supporting him? Romain worked as a pastry chef in France.

Currently, he works as a model in New York City, and he recently became a project manager for the Oppenheim Group. The key to his success lies in Mary, who has allowed him to earn a net worth of $500,000!

Amanza Smith (Net Worth: $1Million)

Amanza Smith

A former interior designer and home stager, Amanza Smith, now works as an agent with The Oppenheim Group. Additionally, she has worked as a model, including working as a briefcase model for Deal or No Deal.

Selling Sunset star Amanza joined the cast in season three, and her net worth is estimated at $1million.

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Maya Vander (Net Worth: $1Million)

Maya Vander

Maya Vander is the least likely of the girls on Selling Sunset to stir up drama, so she became an instant fan favorite. Her father is Israeli, and her mother is Dutch, which explains her slight accent.

She moved to America in 2002. Her 32-year-old blood is for selling houses. She worked at the Oppenheim Group for three years.

And based on her net worth of $1 million, it seems like she has done great for her growth.

Mary Fitzgerald (Net Worth: $1Million)

Mary Fitzgerald

Her real estate career has contributed to her impressive net worth. Over the past decade, she has been with The Oppenheim Group, selling property in London and New York.

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Davina Potratz (Net Worth: $2Million)

Davina Potratz-Selling Sunset cast net worth

Davina has worked in the entertainment industry and been a model in the past. Having been offered an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, she recently left The Oppenheim Group “purely on business” grounds.

If she sold that $75million listing, her net worth would increase considerably.

Christine Quinn (Net Worth: $2Million)

Christine Quinn-Selling Sunset cast net worth

It has been an impressive career for Christine. Before settling into the real estate industry, she worked in the entertainment and fashion industries.

As an agent, she now earns thousands through commissions. Also, Christian, her husband, is believed to be worth around $20million.

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Heather Rae Young (Net Worth: $3Million)

Heather Rae Young-Selling Sunset cast net worth

Heather was a model prior to becoming a realtor. Her modeling career began when she was 18, and she has worked with Playboy.

In addition to teaching Pilates, Heather has appeared in some minor TV and film roles.

Emma Hernan (Net Worth: $3Million)

Emma-Hernan-Selling Sunset cast net worth

Emma describes herself as a “self-made millionaire” and reports a net worth of $3million on The Oppenheim Group website.

Emma started her business career at just 14 years old when she invested. She previously worked as a model.

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Chrishell Stause (Net Worth: $5Million)

Chrishell Stause-Selling Sunset cast net worth

Who got the most bucks as an agent? The answer is Chrishell!

She is the wealthiest among all the realtors. The agency’s most successful agent at the moment, she previously was an actress. Previously, she starred in All My Children and Days of Our Lives as Amanda Dillon.

Brett & Jason Oppenheim (Net Worth: $50Million each)

Brett & Jason Oppenheim

In a sense, no one should be surprised by the Oppenheim brothers’ net worth – they own the business! Before heading up the number one real estate firm in LA, both guys worked as lawyers. They had some interaction with celebrities as well.


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