Rosaline Hoss is the daughter of famous American-Argentinian actress Stephanie Beatriz and American cinematographer Brad Hoss born on August 22 2021. The little one just celebrated her first birthday and has already turned into an internet sensation! Let’s find out more about her.

Rosaline Hoss’ mom Stephanie Beatriz made her screen debut in 2009 with an episode of ‘The Closer’. She continued showing her acting skills in a couple of movies but gained real popularity by playing the role of a tough and smart detective ‘Rosa Diaz’ in ongoing sitcom ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. She is also the voice of ‘Mirabel Madrigal’ in Disney’s recent film ‘Encanto’.

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Full Name Rosaline Hoss
Age 1 Year 3 months
Date of Birth August 22 2021
Parents Stephanie Beatriz, Brad Hoss
Relationship History Yes

Rosaline Hoss Parent’s Wedding

Rosaline Hoss Parent’s Wedding

Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss had been dating for a while when he proposed to her with a pear-shaped rose-gold morganite ring in October 2017 to which she said yes.

They got married the following year in October 2018. Rosaline Hoss’ parents arranged their entire wedding by themselves. It was an intimate celebration held in Los Angeles that involved only close family and friends.

Stephanie paid tribute to her ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ character Rosa Diaz by wearing a white slip dress with ribbon roses called ‘The Rosa’.

The theme was tropical nature and flowers and that is the very reason the site was full of different flowers. They did not have a conventional wedding cake as they did not want to have anything traditional. Instead they served their guests with ice cream sandwiches. They also had LA-themed drinks.

Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss danced to 90’s songs. Photo booths, hot Cheetos pop-ups, and manicure facilities were some other highlights of their cozy wedding ceremony.

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Rosaline Hoss Parent’s Married Life

Rosaline Hoss Parent’s Married Life

Rosaline Hoss’ parents are living life to the fullest. They enjoy each other’s company more than anything else. Stephanie and Brad often shower their love on each other through instagram posts.

They flew to Japan immediately after tying the knot and wore their wedding dresses again to take pictures at the Kaminarimon Gate.

Despite Stephanie’s bisexuality, Brad has proved to be a perfect husband for her. Just after two years of getting married, they welcomed their first baby girl named Rosaline Hoss in 2021.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Audition; Stephanie Beatriz’s Funny Story


It will be shocking to know that back in 2013, Stephanie Beatriz did not actually plan to get auditioned for ‘Rosa Diaz’. It was all a coincidence and a good one of course.

Stephanie went to Allison and Jones to get the role of ‘Amy Santiago’ as she wanted to take part in the comedy genre. They called her again for both Amy and Meghan who ultimately turned out to be Rosa.

Her audition for Amy did not go well due to her nervousness and Melisa Fumero got the role. Just when Stephanie broke down in tears for being rejected she was told that she passed the screen test for Rosa Diaz instead that changed her life forever!

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Explaining Stephanie’s Character; Mirabel Madrigal

Explaining Stephanie’s Character; Mirabel Madrigal

Stephanie Beatriz has received a lot of praise for her Disney movie ‘Encanto’ where she voiced the main character Mirabel Madrigal. She is really enjoying the good words but says she does not deserve all of the credit and it is the hard work of many people.

Stephanie loves the character of Mirabel and relates it to her and many others who find themselves a misfit in the family and feel like an outsider being misunderstood often. She also shared that the movie shows different aspects of a family and hopes everyone watching will surely enjoy it.

Stephanie also wanted people to get to know about Latino and Colombian culture and music with her song in the film.

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Stephanie Beatriz shared that her daughter Rosaline Hoss recognized the song instantly after birth and reacted to it surprisingly. She said that her baby girl had already been hearing her voice as she was pregnant when she was recording it.

Stephanie Beatriz is excited for the time when her baby girl will watch the entire movie with her parents.

Emotional Meeting with Dan Levy

Emotional Meeting with Dan Levy

Dan Levy is a world famous Canadian actor, director, producer, writer, and comedian who has played a big role in the queer community. Stephanie Beatriz met him on Kelly Clarkson’s show. She couldn’t hold her tears back and shared how difficult it can be sometimes to be a Latina, queer and bi. She also shared how she was deeply inspired by the actor’s movie ‘Schitt’s Creek’.

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Facts About Stephanie

Facts About Stephanie
  • She openly admits that she is bisexual.
  • She became an American citizen at the age of 18.
  • Her eyebrow scar was caused by a Lego block.
  • She has severe astigmatism and needs glasses to see clearly.
  • She works with an organization that helps immigrants in the U.S.
  • ‘The Light of the Moon’ is her new upcoming drama.
  • She sounds nothing like Rosa in real life.
  • Her favorite food is sushi.

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