Melissa Elordi is the celebrity mother of Hollywood star Jacob Elordi. She is famous because of her son, but besides being a celebrity mother, she keeps her life out of the spotlight and sports her children every time.

Who is Melissa Elordi?

Melissa Elordi

Melissa Elordi is a well-known actor Jacob Elordi’s mother. She was born in Queensland, Australia, around the 1960s. As she has never disclosed her date of birth, we can assume that she is in her early 60s.

As Melissa was born in Australia, so her ethnicity is Basque. People of the Basque ethnicity hail from a region in southwest France and northwest Spain called Euskal Herria outsiders.

Melissa Elordi husband’s name is John Elordi. The couple lives in Brisbane, Australia. To date, the couple has spent more than 30 years together and cherished their love with each passing day.

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Melissa Elordi Has Three Childeren – Jacob, Isabella & Jalyn

Melissa Elordi and her husband, John Elordi, have three children together, two daughters and a son. The couple instills a strong work ethic and a thick skin in their three children. Jacob likely took his father’s teachings to heart since he saw his father as his ideal example of a man.

Melissa is proud of all her children. As a couple, Melissa and John have struggled greatly to provide a bright future for their children.

Melissa Elordi Daughter – Isabella


Melissa’s elder daughter’s name is Isabella Elordi. She is a beautiful girl with amazing looks. By profession, Isabella is a photographer and a ballet dancer. Her photography focuses largely on portraits.

Melissa and her husband have been very supportive parents to their children. They gave all the love and attention to the children they needed. The family moved to Melbourne from Brisbane so Isabella could join The Australian Ballet School.

In Melbourne, she studied at the Australian Ballet School. For a magazine issue about the man in town, she photographed her brother Jacob. In February and March 2022, she also posted photos featuring actor Sam Corlett.

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Melissa Elordi Famous Son – Jacob Elordi


Melissa and John’s second child is famous actor Jacob Elordi. He was born on 26 June 1997 in Australia. By profession, Jacob is a well-known Australian actor and is famously known for his roles as Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth teen film franchise and Nate Jacobs in the HBO series Euphoria.

The whole Elordi family got famous because of their middle child, Jacob’s popularity. From 2018 to now, Jthe 25 years old Jacob has appeared in many hit projects and still working on some big ones.

Melissa sent her son, Jacob, to a reputed institute St. Kevins College. As soon as they realized Jacob was uncomfortable going to that college due to its strictness, they moved back to Brisbane.

Jacob now lives mostly in America, far from his family due to his acting career, but his parents are always in touch with him. Melissa and John ELordi are so supportive of their son that they have T-shirts with pictures of nearly every character their son has played.

Jacob’s parents live in Australia, but he spends most of his time in America due to his acting career. But still, Melissa and John remain integral in their son’s life. Besides being private, Melissa often makes public appearances with her children and supports them in every situation.

Melissa Elordi Younger Daughter – Jalynn Elordi

Jalynn Elordi

The family’s third child is Jalynn Elordi. She was born in 2000, so she is the younger daughter of Melissa. Just like her brother, Jalynn is also associated with the entertainment industry as a model.

Despite being only 22, the girl has already accomplished much more in her career. Jalynn shares a close bond with her family, especially with her mother.

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Jacob Elordi Exceptional Height Became Problem For His Career

Jacob Elordi Height

Melissa Elordi son has an exceptional height of 6 ft and 5 in. During his last interview, he told his fans that his height became a problem at the start of his career. Many people told him he was too tall to be an actor because no actress would look suitable for his height. These things scared him at the start, but now there is no such issue, and he is considered one of the best young actors in the American film industry.

Melissa Elordi Net Worth

Melissa is not a celebrity, but her son and daughter have made her a celebrity mum. So we can not say anything about her net worth as she does not belong to a rich family. But her son Jacob has a total net worth of about $3 to $5 million that he earned from his acting career.

Melissa’s Social Media Presence

As mentioned above, Melissa is a private person and prefers to keep her life insights private. So her Instagram account is also private. But she is often seen in his son’s paparazzi photographs. His son Jacob is very active on social media and has millions of followers on his Instagram account.

Interesting Facts About Melissa Elordi

Although Melissa lives a private life on social media, she is very active outside of it. Besides being a celebrity mum, she is also a humanitarian.

Melissa Elordi son Jacob was previously in a relationship with Zendaya Coleman.

Besides being a stay-at-home mother, Melissa worked in the lunchroom of her son’s school.

During an interview, Melissa’s son called her a “loving, beautiful, and angelic human being.”

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