Lil Durk net worth represents the hard work he has put into his musical career. Let’s learn about his career choices, lifestyle and family background.

Real Name Durk Derrick Banks
Known as Lil Durk
Date of Birth 19th October 1992
Parents’ Names Dontay Banks
Gender Male
Current Age 29 years
Citizenship American
Educational Institutions Paul Robeson High School
Marital Status Engaged
Spouse India Royale
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5 feet 17 inches
Weight 159lbs
Children 6
Siblings 1
Source of Wealth Music sales, live performances

Lil Durk is among the leading faces in the hip-hop music industry. He is the mastermind behind his label ‘Only the Family’ or OTF.

The 30-years-old musician released his first mixtape as a teenager.

These days, the rapper spends his time creating music and performing live in concerts across the country.

This article will discuss Lil Durk’s net worth and sources of his wealth along with some detail about his musical career and personal life.

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Who Is Lil Durk?

Who Is Lil Durk

Born on 19th October 1992, the rapper was named Durk Banks. His father is Dontay Banks. His brother D Thang was a victim of a mass shooting incident at Club O in Chicago.

In his early childhood, he saw his father imprisoned on the charge of crack cocaine distribution. Dontay got out of prison in 2019.

The star started his career in music as a teenager with Chief Keef’s label ‘Glory Boyz entertainment’.

The star came to the limelight when he released his mixtape series ‘Signed to Streets’ in 2013 and 2014.

There were two mixtapes in the series and it appealed to the masses so much that it earned him a contract with Def Jam Recordings.

But this series wasn’t the first mixtape he had released till then. Till 2014, Durk had successfully launched three more mixtapes.

After the success of his mixtape series, the singer gathered enough followers to release his debut album in 2015. After that, he kept producing mixtapes, albums, and singles.

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Lil Durk Fun Facts

Lil Durk might be a millionaire today but his life was never easy as a child or a teenager. In the early years of his life, he saw his father imprisoned on account of illegal drug distribution.

Add to it the fact that he lived in a neighborhood that was notorious for its violence and crime rate.

Another shocking fact about the rapper is the demise of his brother Dthang Banks. His elder brother was flexing his musical muscles with his brother.

But in 2019, he was present at the Club O’s mass shooting incident in Chicago and was fatally shot.

Durk started dating as a teenager at the seventeenth year of his age he fathered his first child Angel Banks. He has six children.

He attended Paul Robeson High School but dropped out of it after becoming a father.

However, things didn’t go right for him initially and he got into trouble with the law because of his involvement in the street gang ‘Black Disciples’.

He, then, pursued music and carved his success out of it.

What Is Lil Durk’s Age And Birthday?

As of July 2022, Lil Durk is 29 years old. He will celebrate his thirtieth birthday on 19th October this year.

What Is Lil Durk Height And Weight?

Lil Durk Height

The rapper is 5 feet 7 inches tall and carries a weight of 159lbs.

How Does Lil Durk Reach (Net Worth) In 2022?

How Does Lil Durk Reach

As of July 2022, Lil Durk’s net worth stands at the $3 million mark.

Brought up in poverty, money and wealth were hard topics for Durk from an early age.

There was a time when he had to turn to the streets to make ends meet. His difficult childhood made him a responsible adult who was dedicated to his family.

But his biggest motivation to start building his career came in 2011 when he became a father. With the birth of Angel, his first son, Durk became more focused on earning money.

After trying and failing at putting food on the table using illicit means, the rapper shifted his focus toward music.

He was accumulating a fan base around that time, a fact that motivated him to release his music.

Gradually, he released more mixtapes, albums, and singles and commercialized his fame.

Most of his net worth comes from sales of his music and his live performance at tours and concerts.

Is Lil Durk Married?

Lil Durk Married

Nicole Covone was Lil Durk’s first girlfriend with whom the rapper shares two children. They remained together till 2013.

After that, the musician dated Dej Loaf in 2014, Takala Welch in 2016, and India Royale starting from 2017.

His on-off relationship with India is still going. They got engaged in the second half of 2021.


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