What did the teen girls do? What they can’t do! Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso, daughter of a great Mexican singer and a $5 million-worth man. Joan Sebastian is the creator of more than 1000 inspiring songs. His daughter is the influencer of this time.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa Alonso: Profile Summary

Juliana Joeri Figueroa Alonso
Source: Instagram Juliana Figueroa

Full NameJuliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso
Famous forDaughter of Joan Sebastian
Age19 (at present)
Birth PlaceMexico City
Zodiac SignPisces
Date of BirthMarch 8, 2003
ParentsJoan Sebastian and Arica Alonso
GrandparentsCelia Figueroa, Marcos Figueroa
siblingsJosé Manuel Figueroa, Julián Figueroa
Fan following (Instagram)146K (at present)
BrandJoeri (women’s outfit)

Great singer and songwriter Mr. Joan Sebastian got around 7 Latin Grammy and 5 Grammy awards. Some of his top-listed songs are

  • Oiga
  • Secreto de Amor
  • Un idiota
  • Manantial de lianto
  • Mas Alla del sol

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Juliana is the youngest daughter of Mexican singer Joan Sebastian. She is the owner of the clothing brand Joeri, with a 15.8k following. She is running an online store in which she offers younger girls’ outfits. The collection usually covers sports outfits, day outs, party wear, and many more to dive in.

Juliana has 7 seven siblings and five moms because her father, Mr. Joan married five ladies and had four girls and four boys. Their names are

  • José Manuel Figueroa (singer and composer)
  • Juan Sebastián Figueroa González
  • Trigo de Jesús Figueroa González
  • Zarelea Figueroa Ocampo, singer, and composer
  • Marcos Julián Figueroa Fernández
  • Joana Marcelia Figueroa Espín,
  • Juliana Joeri Figueroa Alonso
  • D’Yave Figueroa Espín.

Juliana’s early life was smooth as she got her father’s affection, which was enough for her ideal upbringing. Suddenly her father was diagnosed with bone cancer, and although he fought his battle bravely, cancer caught him at least three times.

At last, on July 13, 2015, at 7:15 pm, her father died at 64, with six children as heirs. Before death, her father confirmed his bad health and hospitalization.

He leaves her alone in this brutal world. Life is so heartbreaking; it never makes someone happy. The same happened with Juliana. Life played cruel games with her as her brothers refused to give him her legal part of the property her father left behind.

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A recent post of hers made her famous, in which she claimed that her brothers didn’t give her even a penny for the sake of her heritage. She states that only a few outfits of her dad got from some relative, not from family, thanks to her stepfather. He is rich enough to provide Juliana with all the comforts of life.

She didn’t lose her heart and worked hard; finally, she got fame and money, too. She is the influencer of the day. Not confined to this, she also has her own clothing brand named Joeri. Joeri, her brand, is progressing day by day.

Her Instagram posts unveil that she loves her father a lot, “Te amo pap” on her Instagram account biography means “I Love You, Papa!” This gesture shows affection for her father. Not even in her biography, she also posted her sweet memories with her dad and mom. One of the cutest pictures was of her birthday party.

The post reveals that she has an awful relationship with his siblings because of an inheritance matter. His uncle encourages her to take legal action to get her part of the inheritance. After listening to her uncle, she is taking consultation with her lawyers to resolve the matter.

“Those who took everything were my brothers; they distributed watches, glasses, trucks, everything between them, and I have not received a single sock.

If I have two shirts, two jackets and a pair of my father’s shoes, it is because a man kept those things at the ranch and told me: ‘Juliana, I know they won’t give you anything, please take that with you. Can you believe that? If I have things from my dad, it is because someone else gave them to me, not my family.”

After this post, she also said that she would not illegally go for her inheritance. She would try every legal way for her rights.

Juliana’s brother trio died due to a headshot at her father’s concert in mission on August 27, 2006. She lost her brother Juan Sebastian on June 12, 2010, at a nightclub when he was denied entry to the club.

Juliana’s mother, Arica, was the last wife of outstanding singer Joan Sebastian; she is one of the youngest wives as they have an age difference of about thirty years. Arica and Joan were together for 12 years.

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As a whole, Juliana is a stunning personality with a huge fan following both on Instagram and Twitter. Even in a crisis, she didn’t lose her heart and is working like a normal girl for her bright future.

She is a wonderful lady who is skillful and managed as she runs her business, study, and personal life side by side smoothly.

She admires all the efforts people make for her, and her post about her father expresses huge love for both her dad Joan and her stepfather. She uploads Joan Sebastian’s photo with captions “best father on the sky” and “best father on earth” for her stepfather. This message of hers was for Father’s Day celebration.

Information about her education, about her school, degree, etc., is unknown. Her personal life, like relationship status, close friends, and daily routine, is not exactly known; perhaps she knows the Billie Eilish quote: “Don’t post your feelings”.


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