Jon Taffer net worth stands at $15 million in August 2022. How did the entrepreneur reach this wealth level? This post explains in detail.

Real Name Jonathan Peter Taffer
Known as Jon Taffer
Date of Birth November 7, 1954
Parents’ Names Yvette Taffer
Gender Male
Current Age 67
Citizenship American
Educational Institutions University of Denver
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nicole Taffer
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 196 pounds
Children 1
Siblings 1
Source of Wealth Consultancy career, commission from NFT Sunday Ticket sales, book royalties, Bar Rescue salary

Jon Taffer is a renowned entrepreneur whose specialty lies in managing bars and restaurants.

Interestingly, he is famous – not for his bars and their top-notch services – but because of his concept of NFL Sunday Ticket.

Is Jon Taffer’s net worth only a result of his NFL Sunday Ticket project? Of course not!

Being a successful bar consultant as well as an author, Jon Taffer is more than a creator of the sports package. This post covers all sources of Taffer’s net worth as well as his lifestyle till now.

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Who Is Jon Taffer?

Who Is Jon Taffer

The 67-year-old entrepreneur comes from a business family who resided in Great Neck, New York at the time of his birth.

His birth name is Jonathan Peter Taffer and he was born on November 7, 1954, to Yvette Taffer.

He also has a brother. However, he hasn’t shared much information about his brother.

Because of his family background and their understanding of business management, Jon got a hang of the values that lead to success in the business world from an early age.

His education included studying culture and politics. He graduated from William A. Shine Great Neck South High School in 1972.

Soon, he completed his tertiary education at the University of Denver.

His interest in bars and restaurants became pronounced soon after he graduated from high school.

He started his adolescent career as a bartender in 1973. At the same time, he appeared interested in music.

This interest appeared as he participated as a drummer in the musical band of the same bar.

These experiences allowed him to closely watch the operations of a bar. This led him to develop a keener interest in the management of these businesses.

He soon combined his knowledge about managing businesses with bar management and started offering consultation services.

His experience as a bar consultant connected him with some big names in the industry. For example, he also served Troubador which is among US’ most famous bars.

Interestingly, this is one of the first bars he served as a consultant. The bar’s full control was handed to him in 1981 when the management became wary of theft.

This consultation experience gave depth to Jon’s knowledge about bar success factors.
Soon, he opened his own bar in 1989 and never failed to amaze the customers because of the spectacular service of his space.

It was the same year when Jon introduced a musical instrument that specialized in selecting and playing music at the bar.

At the same time, he got busied with different business projects. One of these projects was based on his concept of the NFL Sunday ticket.

He came up with the idea in the early 90s and remained involved in its marketing and sales. The ticket was a widely profitable idea that paid off for both NFL and Jon Taffer.

As we have mentioned already, this idea was one of the most famous inventions of Jon Taffer. As a result, NFL Enterprises allowed Taffer to serve on its board for years to come.

Other than NFL Sunday Ticket, Taffer’s entrepreneurial career remained focused on bars and restaurants.

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He also ventured into the marketing and branding side of this business. In 2010, he became a spokesperson for this industry when he was elected president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group.

The media group allowed him to control the stories and tone of Nightclub & Bar Magazine as well as Nightclub and Bar Conventions that are held annually.

His media exposure presented him with yet another of his moment of fame. This moment of fame – or era of fame – came as a reality TV show Bar Rescue on Spike TV.

The TV show highlights his entrepreneurial – especially problem-solving – skills as he takes up the revival of dying bars.

Taffer has served numerous bars through this TV show. His reality show is famous among bars and since 2011; it has aired eight seasons till now.

Sometimes, his wife, Nicole, also makes guest appearances on the show as a mystery shopper. Her role at the show is to assess the quality of a bar before Jon starts his magic.

You can guess that because of his experience and practices, Jon can be seen as a guru in his field of bar management and consultation.

He has imparted this knowledge in his book Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions.

This book collects his strategies to get maximum customer satisfaction for the bars. Jon co-wrote this book with Karen Kelly and it was published in 2013.

Jon Taffer didn’t stop here. He went on to create value for the bar industry relentlessly raising the bar of quality and service.

In 2014, he launched his app that helped bar owners to better manage their business. The app was named BarHQ.

He also has a podcast that focuses on current affairs where he interviews celebrities for their views on issues.

His versatile career also includes a reality show that sees Jon helping couples regain faith in their relationship through Gestalt Therapy. The show premiered in 2019.

Jon Taffer Fun Facts

Jon started his career early. He was only nineteen years old when he became a bartender at a bar.

His first bar consultation assignment was in none other than the renowned bar The Troubadour in West Hollywood.

Needless to say, working there gave him profound experience and insight into the industry.

His first job at a bar after dropping out of school was at Barney’s Beanery. What’s interesting is his attitude that got all the staff at the business fired.

On his first night, he was told by the staff to take $100 a night he would work at the bar. He informed the management about this skimming fraud and got them fired.

His strategy to help failing bars in turning around their demise is one of the most controversial parts of his career.

On his Reality TV, you will see him yelling and berating the bar managers that seek his help. Although his advice is to-the-point and workable, you cannot justify how he delivers this advice.

He isn’t this strategic and discerning from the beginning. He learned his lesson the hard way. His first venture into the business world cost him $600,000 in one go. That happened because he trusted the wrong guy.

He claims that he will not open a bar now because this profession is harder than it appears.
His rich boy toy keeps him out of stress. His toy is his Mercedes which drives him around when he is stressed out.

Jon Taffer takes Thomas Jefferson as his motivation and hero.

Jon doesn’t only yell on the reality TV show. You might have wondered if the bar consultant is as loud and fierce in real life as he appears on the screen.

Rest assured, he is! He is content with all the yelling and screaming he does for the bars he helps. He says if he can turn a few lives around because of his efforts, he wouldn’t regret being loud for this help.

If that’s not enough, note that the entrepreneur is no stranger to digital entrepreneurship. On his website, he teaches bar and restaurant owners to reach the full potential of their businesses.

He doesn’t take business personally. He is mature enough to differentiate between people and projects emotionally.

When asked how he feels when a bar that he helped in turning around fate eventually fails, he claimed that he doesn’t take these issues personally.

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Jon Taffer Age And Birthday

Jon was born on November 7, 1954, in Great Neck, New York. If you are wondering how old is Jon Taffer, here is the answer. As of August 2022, he is 67 years old.

Jon Taffer Height And Weight

Jon Taffer Height And Weight

So, how tall is Jon Taffer? Jon Taffer is six feet two inches tall. He weighs around 196 pounds.

How Did Jon Taffer Reach $15 Million Net Worth

Jon Taffer Reach $15 Million

Jon Taffer’s net worth in 2022 appears to be the key highlight of his life. After all, the entrepreneur has $15 million in net worth today.

But you should know that he is more than just his wealth. His passion lies in helping others and sharing his knowledge with the world is what makes him famous.

Most of his wealth comes from him sharing his expertise with the relevant business owners. He has worked as a bar consultant for multiple decades.

After more than a decade of this consultancy experience, he gained enough traction to become president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group. This affiliation with the media industry opened new doors for the consultant.

Soon, he widened his reach by featuring in the reality TV show Bar Rescue. This show is the second major reason behind his wealth behind his salary as a bar consultant.

Although that show was a huge part of his wealth, Jon also built his asset base because of his philanthropic nature.

When the show failed to fulfill his desire to share knowledge with enough people, Jon co-wrote and published a book on improving the service quality of bars in 2013.

You can imagine how royalties from the sale of this book must have contributed to his wealth.

Other than this book, Jon wrote two other books Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself (2018) and The Power of Conflict (2022).

Don’t Bulls*t Yourself is so successful among readers that it had made Jon New York Times Bestseller.

NFL Sunday Ticket is the most profitable venture taken up by the bar expert and entrepreneur. He not only offered the idea of this streaming solution for NFL games but also helped with marketing it.

In fact, this idea was so successful that its contribution made him a board member of NFL Enterprises for years to come.

He also patented a music apparatus that selects and plays music in bars. Because the idea is unique and successful among bar visitors, different restaurants use it to entertain their visitors. In turn, Jon earns a royalty on the product from these businesses.

Another product from him is a bar management app that allows owners to streamline operations virtually.

His virtual assets that apply to the bar industry include a website where he shares more free knowledge about the business and ways to turn around its impending failure.

We can see that Jon’s creative streak is the prime reason behind his wealth. Most of the time, he shows this creativity in the specific sector of the hospitality industry. Plus, he doesn’t shy away from venturing into other fields as well.

For example, in his recent TV show, he moves his focus away from failing restaurants toward failing marriages. He uses Gestalt Therapy to restore spouses’ faith in each other and the relationship.

He also hosts a podcast on current affairs and invites celebrities to share their viewpoint on emerging trends.

With this plethora of projects and achievements, it’s no wonder that Jon has amassed sizeable wealth.

A theme we see in his career is a lack of obsession with money. Instead, he is more focused on creating value for his clients.

Luckily for him, this strategy paid off from the beginning earning him well-deserved fame and trust within his industry.

Is Jon Taffer Married

Jon Taffer Married

Yes, Jon Taffer is married to Nicole Taffer. The duo met at Bowl XXX in 1996 and they married in 2000. Their marriage is so strong that they have started giving counsel based on their takeaways on his show Marriage Rescue.

Jon has a daughter, Samantha Taffer, from a previous marriage.


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