John Dale Sarsgaard is one of the hidden personalities about whom even the internet does not have much information. He is one of those parents who are notable due to their children.

John Dale Sarsgaard married Judy Lea Reinhardt and is the father of the famous American actor Peter Sarsgaard. Peter Sarsgaard is the only reason for his popularity. People loved him for being a great dad to his son.

Name John Dale Sarsgaard
Age 75 years (1943-2018)
Date of birth 12th March
Zodiac sign Pisces
Father Dale Sarsgaard
Mother Betty Sarsgaard
Spouses Judy Lea Reinhardt
Children Peter Sarsgaard
Occupation Air force Engineer (later worked for Monsanto and IBM)

Confidential Information

John Dale Sarsgaard was born in Cedar Rapids (a vibrant city, encompassing unique attractions, exciting events, dynamic art scene), Iowa, the United States on the 12th of March 1943 to Dale Sarsgaard and Bety Sarsgaard.

His surname derives in Denmark, pronounced [ˈsɑːsɡɔˀ] in Danish. He married Judy Lea Reinhardt (1947-2009). He had only one child, Peter Sarsgaard. Many people acknowledged him due to his only child Peter Sarsgaard. He died at the mature age of 75 (1943-2018).

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Professional Life

As an air force engineer, he has to move his residence from one place to another multiple times. According to some reports, he shifted his house twelve times in the early childhood of his son Peter Sarsgaard.

He died in the past years, and there is less information about the career he chose for himself or his occupation. Only the point that he gave birth to one of the most splendid actors has been known to the crowd as Peter Sarsgaard has ascertained his worth in many folds.

Educational Background

His educational background has been locked from the public. Documentations are there about proper academic records, but till now, no one has officially announced anything about his educational experience.

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John Dale Sarsgaard’s Net Worth

John Dale Sarsgaard Net Worth

John Dale Sarsgaard was an Air Force Engineer, and after that worked for Monsanto and IBM, this is all that people know about him. His profession isn’t public, which is why his net worth isn’t available. Anyhow, Peter Sarsgaard’s net worth has been made public and is an estimated $25M.

Widely Searched for Personality on the Internet

There are many people about whom no one knows in their life, but right after their death, they became popular, and John Dale is one of them. John Dale Sarsgaard became popular because of his son.

The more Peter Sarsgaard became famous, the more people wanted to know about his parents, especially his father. And when it was officially announced he was no more, John dale Sarsgaard became the most searched personality on the internet.

Why John Dale Sarsgaard Became Popular?

An actor who has proved a courageous capability for investigating the darker side of human character, Peter Sarsgaard became synonymous with the term “edgy young performer.”

With looks that permit him to either play soft-skinned cute boys or greasy-haired white rubbish refuse, Sarsgaard has used his malleable qualities and contemplating charm to great impact in films such as Kimberly Peirce’s and Boys Don’t Cry.

John Peter Sarsgaard is known as a versatile American actor. He started his acting career in TV series such as ‘Law and Order’, ‘New York Undercover, and ‘Subway Stories. ‘He got his first role in ‘Dead Man Walking, which was as a murder victim, but he did not get much recognition.

The movie “Boys Don’t Cry” proved the reason for his fame after so many years. He was recognized because of his brilliant performance in this movie.

He has played many roles; however, he performed a large number of dark roles. Why did he choose to play dark roles? He answered they were well written as they took him up.

He has a complete thought process behind his selection of roles. Sarsgaard has never been enthusiastic about playing a leading man; instead, he has gone for roles that are challenging.

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He sees the character from a broad perspective. He does not confine the problem to that character but relates it to society and the whole world.

All his roles show his understanding and attachment to that character. He played many roles, from Famous personalities to Drug addicts and killers, all of which are evidence of his versatile acting.

Other than films, Peter Sarsgaard has also worked in theater, ‘The Seagull’ and ‘The Three Sisters’ are from Broadway productions.

For his brilliant performance in the movie “Shattered Glass,” he got good reviews from a large number of critics. He won nine awards and a Golden Globe nomination.

In 2005 his movie ‘Fight Plan’ was his biggest commercial success. That was the highest grossing movie.

Peter Sarsgaard was a Catholic. According to him, his religious upbringing helps him understand some of the more complex characters he has to play.

During his early days in New York, he dated a photographer Malerie Marder. Sarsgaard moved to New Haven in 1996 with Malaria Marder when she decided to study photography, putting his career on hold.

After her graduation, they moved to Los Angeles. He moved back to New York a year later after they broke up.

He met American actress and filmmaker Maggie Gyllenhaal through her brother Jake Gyllenhaal in 2002. The couple became engaged in April 2006. On May 2, 2009 in a small chapel in Brindisi, Italy the couple got married.

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They dated for about seven years, and in 2009, they finally got married. They have two daughters, Gloria Ray Sarsgaard and Ramona Sarsgaard, living in New York.


In conclusion, there is not much information available on the internet besides his date of birth, parents, spouses, and children. We have gathered this information from multiple search engines and platforms because people love to know about him.


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