The Island Boys are twin rapper brothers based in America who broke the internet with their viral TikTok song ‘I’m an island boy’ in October 2021. They go by their stage names Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja although their original names are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas, respectively.
The 21-year-old brothers are well known for their funky personalities, body tattoos, diamond teeth, and dreadlock hairstyles. Let’s dig deeper into their details starting with the Island Boys net worth.

Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth

The Island boys’ net worth is estimated to be around $700 million, combined. Only as of 2022, their net worth increased by $500,000 after their song went viral on the internet. Their main sources of income are their TikTok and YouTube videos and associated brands. The Island Boys net worth currently is the result of eight million viewers and 28.4K followers.

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Island Boys Net Worth Growth

The Island Boys net worth has increased tremendously over the years thanks to their fans since 2018.

Net Worth in 2022 $700 Thousand
Net Worth in 2021 $300 Thousand
Net Worth in 2020 $100 Thousand
Net Worth in 2019 $30 Thousand
Net Worth in 2018 $10 Thousand

Early Life

Although the Island Boys net worth is a lot more than many teenage stars, their life has not always been this glamorous. They come from West Palm Beach, Florida. They are known to have had behavioral problems and committed burglaries in their early teenage years that caused their juvenile detainments.

The twin brothers lost their father to a heart attack at an early age and their mother shared that raising them alone was not an easy task. She also confirmed that her sons were born in the United States on 16th July 2001. Both of their parents are originally from Cuba.


Career-Island Boys net worth

Franky Venegas started his music career a little earlier than his twin brother. He was known by the name redd_4x and released a few songs including ‘9ine’, ‘Smoke’, and ‘Real Right’ officially. But the real fame came when both rappers released their all-time favorite music video ‘I’m an island boy’ in 2021 where they sang freestyle in a water pool.

After the video went viral, the rapper twins gained countless fans and turned into TikTok superstars overnight. Presently, Kodiyakredd has around 714.2K followers while his brother Flyysoulja has gathered 1.3 million fans on his TikTok account alone. They also have a YouTube channel titled ‘Big Bag Ent’ with 118K subscribers where they regularly upload their vlogs and video songs.

Their viral TikTok video was uploaded on YouTube on 15th October 2021 and has gathered over 2.1 million viewers resulting in an increase in its worth to $100 thousand.

They have started their merchandise and charge a combined $170 for personalized videos.

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Favorite Things

The Island Boys have shared some of their favorite things with their fans as follows;

Favorite Actor Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite App YouTube
Favorite Sportsman Neymar
Favorite Cricketer Rohit Sharma
Favorite Footballer Neymar
Hobbies Driving

About The Island Boys

Being fraternal twins, the island boys have many things in common.

Real Name Franky and Alex Venegas
Age 21 years
Net Worth $700 Thousand
Height 1.7 m
Weight 60-70 kilograms
Profession YouTubers, TikTokers
Date of Birth July 16, 2001
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Income $50K per month
Spouse No

Personal Life

Personal Life-Island Boys net worth

Though the island boys are a big TikTok sensation they have not shared much about their personal lives. Their family and background are unknown but they are thought to come from rich families. The island boys are known to be problematic from the very start. They once posted videos with house arrest bracelets.

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Both of them have girlfriends but they never mentioned their names on social media. In October Flyysoulja shared a moment with @toxiicfaiiry and called her his baby soulmate while Kodiyakredd posted a dancing video with a girl and captioned it ‘Get To Know Me’.

Alex has the number 17 tattooed between his brows while Franky has an eagle on his forehead.
Further information regarding the personal life of these rapper twins is yet unknown.


Though the island boys had a problematic early life, their careers have really taken off, especially after their famous freestyle video. Apart from TikTok and Youtube, the twins are also earning income from Cameos leading to more than $50K a month. Nevertheless, the island boys entertain their followers with unique videos every day.

That’s all related to the Island Boys net worth, their careers, and personal lives. Let’s wait and see what more surprises these funky brothers have for us in the upcoming days.

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