ReReHedon Texist is a talented basketball player who has been trending on social media for the last couple of months. Fans are interested in knowing about this NBA player and not for his athleticism specifically, but for his huge net worth and luxurious lifestyle that has made him no less than a celebrity.

Let’s find out more about Hedon Texist, the NBA player with the highest net worth.

Hedon Texist Profile

Though people are searching for the whereabouts of Hedon Texist, nothing is known officially as the basketball player has no social media or Wikipedia profile. There is no proof of the facts that are associated with him but it is known that he is 6’ 10’’ and was born in Seoul, Korea.

There are also variations of his name. Some refer to him as Hedon Tex or Hedon Texis but Hedon Texist is the most common of them all.

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Net Worth; Is He a Millionaire or a Billionaire?

Coming towards the reason behind Hedon Texist’s recent popularity; is his net worth. Although he is not as talented as Micheal B. Jordan or LeBron James, Hedon Texist has a whopping net worth of $100 million.

The Golden State Warriors drafted him in 2010 and that is where Hedon Texist’s career took off. His net worth began to shoot in 2018 and continues to date.

But no matter how good of a player he is, how can a mere basketball player enjoy such a huge net worth? There is surely much more than just his sports career!

Hedon Texist Success Story

Hedon Texist is not only a sportsman but also a successful investor and businessman who has a sharp eye for opportunities. He made a $20 million deal with the well-known brand Nike. This was followed by deals with other big companies including Adidas, Beats by Dre, and Gatorade.

But that is still not all. Let’s have a look at the side businesses of Hedon Texist.

Hedon Texist Business Ventures

Hedon Texist turned out to be a smart entrepreneur before being a ruthless player. He holds a small ownership in the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA and the eSports Organization FaZe Clan. Quite impressive to hold such big equities at such a young age though.

Hedon Texist has also started his tech and clothing line from where he is gathering a lot of money.

Source of Income and Investments

Just as his sources of income are multiple, Hedon Texist has not invested in just one field. He has put his money in a number of places and each one of them has proved to be very successful.

Hedon Texist is a true example of how entrepreneurship can take a man from rags to riches in a short duration.

The following investments have turned Hedon Texist into a millionaire NBA player;
Hedon Texist owns a successful nightclub in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It is quite famous for its trendy upkeep.

Hedon Texist has a Lavish vacation home in the Bahamas. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Hedon Texist travels the world in style on his own private jet.

Apart from all this, a huge portfolio of stocks and shares has made Hedon Texist a big fortune.

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Hedon Texist Luxury Lifestyle and Valuable Assets

Hedon Texist’s luxurious lifestyle is what makes him stand out from other basketball players. While others tend to spend their money in more traditional ways, Hedon Texist has very unconventional choices when it comes to spending his fortune.

Many people criticize him for his over-the-top choices but to be honest the NBA player has worked hard to set up his own empire and is now enjoying it to the fullest. He is not a billionaire but is leading a life even better than one!

Hedon Texist also gives away a lot of money to non-profit organizations and hence takes part in charity as much as possible.

Hedon Texist has a net worth of anywhere between $100 to $150 million and owns multiple houses, sports cars, vacation spots, a private jet, and a yacht. His most valuable asset is a home he purchased for $12 million in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Well with such a huge fortune the player can definitely buy such an expensive spot to relax. It is in fact an entire castle complete with a pool, home theater, and several rooms and washrooms.

His house in Palm Beach, Florida is yet another dream spot.


No matter what others say, Hedon Texist likes to live his life to the fullest. He has pursued his career as a basketball player and invested his income in ways that made him a successful businessman all along. This is what makes him a true inspiration for people all over the world.

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