There is no doubt that the Kardashian family is one of the most popular families in the world. Everyone is familiar with their family’s celebrity members. However, Ellen Pierson is the least famous Kardashian family member, and the family doesn’t own her. She is also known as the third wife of her deceased husband, Robert George Kardashian.

About Ellen Pierson

Ellen Pierson

Her full name is Judith Ellen Pierson. As of 2022, Ellen is 72 years old and was born in the US in 1950. Moreover, Ellen has never disclosed any information regarding her education, family and other things.

Ellen Pierson Profession

Throughout her life, Ellen was associated with the real estate business and also worked as a sales director. In the 1970s, Ellen began her career in real estate. In Santa Clara, California, she founded JM Person Real Estate and worked as the company’s vice president for about ten years.

Later in 1984, she had to leave that job because that firm went bankrupt. After this, in 1985, she started working for Title Insurance as a sales director and remained associated with this job for 16 years.

While working at Title Insurance, she joined Heritage Escrow in Palm Desert. Ellen continued this job for about 9 years and finally left this job too in 2009. In 2019, Westminister Title Company Inc. hired Elen as its corporate sales director.

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When Ellen Pierson Rose To Fame?

Ellen and Robert had an affair for two years, and finally, in 2003, the couple got married. As Robert was a famous attorney and businessman, Ellen, his third wife, got wide recognition in public. Later in 2010, Ellen claimed that Khloe was not the biological daughter of her husband, George, and that news made her even more famous, and people came to know about her.

How Ellen Pierson Met Robert Kardashian?

Robert was a well-known businessman, and Ellen was also a real state worker. The two met in the 1990s through a business meeting. Robert and Ellen fall in love with each other and date for a long period. Finally, after dating for two years, these love birds married in 2003.

Their happy time was ruined after Robert was diagnosed with a fatal disease, cancer. After spending three weeks together and celebrating their marriage, Robert died on September 30, 2003. As the third wife of Robert Kardashian, Ellen was with him till his last breath.

Conflicts Between Ellen Pierson & The Kardashians Family

Conflicts Between Ellen Pierson & The Kardashians Family

Years after Robert’s death, Ellen publicly stated that Khloe was not the biological daughter of Robert. According to her, Robert confessed this to her on his deathbed. After her allegations, the news went viral, and the Kim Kardashian and Kardashian sisters got together against her.

On the other hand, Khloe, the Reality star, said that Ellen is only making false statements to get fame, attention and money. In a January 2012 interview with Star Magazine, Jan Ashley and Ellen Pierson again discussed these claims on media.

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Ellen Pierson Sold Excerpts From Robert’s Diary

Robert had a habit of writing everything about his life in a diary and journals. In his diary, he also wrote about Kris’s affair with Kim and that Kris threatened Kim.

After the death of Robert, Ellen sold these excerpts from Robert’s diary and made a lot of wealth from it. Later the Kardashian family filed a lawsuit against her and won the case against her.

Ellen Pierson’s Net worth

Ellen, before her marriage to Robert Kardashian, was not very rich. She was doing the job as a real state worker, and after her marriage to the famous Robert Kardashian, she still did not get much.

Following her husband’s sudden death, she continued to work to earn a living. However, her net worth is around $1.5 million. Furthermore, she made much money after selling excerpts from Robert’s diary.

Some Quick Fun Facts About Ellen Pierson

  • Ellen is the third wife of Robert Kardashian, and the couple only spent three weeks together after their marriage.
  • Ellen has a lot of disputes with the Kardashian sisters and Kris Jenner.
  • Ellen got a lot of money by selling excerpts from her husband’s diary.
  • Kardashian’s family calls her a gold digger.
  • Ellen is the least famous member of the Kardashian family.

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