If you are a huge fan of John Cena and WWE, you must have heard about Elizabeth Huberdeau, who is the ex-spouse of John Cena; both were married in 2009 and parted ways after spending three years together in 2012.

The lady got enough fame due to her famous ex-hubby John Cena from the year 2009 to 2012.The lady was highlighted in the media due to her relationship with John.However, The modeling of their new home, which is still under construction, seemed to be the cause of their separation.

John declined to pay the project manager, leaving him with an outstanding debt of about $110,000.However, below we’re going to highlight everything about Elizabeth Huberdeau, the ex-wife of John Cena, in-depth, so stay with us for more updates!

Early Life And Family

elizabeth huberdeau ex wife of john cena
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Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on November 25th in the year, 1979. She was born and raised in Massachusetts West Newbury.

The ex-wife of John Cena belongs to a wealthy family. She is a Christian by faith and is a strong believer of Christianity.

Elizabeth Huberdeau‘s ethnicity is white caucasian, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Her paternal grandfather was a pastor of a renowned church.

However, when she was twelve years old, she went to church daily for worship without delay. However, apart from these details, nothing is found related to her childhood in authentic sources.

Educational Background

Elizabeth Huberdeau completed her initial education at a local high school situated near her hometown. Then for further studies, she went to the local high college. Afterward, she got admission to a university in America.

However, there are no details regarding her educational Institute’s name. It seems like Elizabeth is a little bit secretive related to her education.

According to some sources,John and Elizabeth, the two ex-lover birds, met at high school. Then after some time, John Cena left the school and got admission to Cushing Academy situated in Ashburnham.

Her very first greatest desire, though, was to succeed as a supermodel. She experienced few modeling jobs before getting married; however, she didn’t get much respect from those jobs.It appeared that her attractive features and slim frame seemed insufficient to propel her to the summit of this field.

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When Elizabeth was in her 20s, she was a model. However, she gave up modeling when she discovered her true calling: becoming a realtor, which she still manages today.

Elizabeth Huberdeau had an average experience in her modeling career despite electing to run for election in the real estate sector. Elizabeth’s real estate company builds, sells, purchases, and renovates home or business buildings.

Personal Life, Ex-husband John Cena

Personal Life, Ex-husband John Cena
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While John and Elizabeth attended high school, both became friends. Following a decade of dating, John proposed to Elizabeth in 2009 and announced their commitment at a screening of his film “12 Rounds.”A pair wed in the exact same year, although their union was brief. John submitted a divorce application in 2012.

The modeling of their new home, which is still under construction, seemed to be the cause of their separation. John declined to pay the project manager, leaving him with an outstanding debt of about $110,000.

Because of this, John and Elizabeth were forced to stay at their old home longer than they had anticipated, leading to a heated quarrel and ultimate separation. They both dont have any children.

Elizabeth has not yet been seen in the media with any boyfriend, but John found love in Nikki Bella, a professional wrestler from the Bella Twins squad, in 2012. Her real identity is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace.

John and Nikki started dating in 2017, and although their wedding was set for May 2018, unfortunately, they split in April 2018. Although his second ex-lover is trying to date Russian-American professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev, whom she met just on the Television show “Dancing with the Stars,” John still seems to be unmarried.

Throughout her discussion on the reality show “Total Divas,” Nikki explained that she decided to part ways with John because John didn’t want any kids. However, it was quite difficult for Nikki to accept thi demand, and she decided to divorce.

Who Is John Cena? His Early Life, Educational Background, Start Of Career

Who Is John Cena? His Early Life, Educational Background, Start Of Career-elizabeth huberdeau
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John Cena came to the world on the 23rd of April, 1977. His real name is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr., but people know him by his Professional name John Cena.

His parents are Carol Lupien and John Felix Anthony Cena. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, West Newbury, USA. He has four brothers.

Stephen is older than him, while Dan, Matt, and Sean are John’s younger brothers.Almost everyone in John’s household has been associated with sports, so he has always had a passion for them.

Tony Lupien, a well-known Major League Baseball player from the United States, was John’s grandfather.John first studied at Lawrence, Massachusetts’ Union Catholic Junior High School and then transferred to Ashburnham, Massachusetts’ Paulson School, for further studies.

Subsequently, he attended Greenville College, where he played defense for the team’s college football season.His old jersey number, 54, has occasionally been used on his current merch. John earned a Degree in sports mechanics and muscle contraction from his institution in 1998.

Getting To WWE

Getting To WWE-elizabeth huberdeau
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Though John began his work as a taxi driver, he continued to desire to achieve his goal of being a professional bodybuilder, so in 1999 he enrolled in UPW (Career Needs to mean Wrestling).

He won the UPW Welterweight Champ for 2 weeks in the year 2000. John entered into a deal with the World Wrestling Organization (WWF) in 2001 and began using the stage title The Rookie.

John earned his first Global Wrestling Organization (WWE) World Title in 2005, but after facing a major injury of his quad muscle bone during a fight, he was hospitalized and spent 7 months for recovery at St. Vincent’s Clinic in Alabama, Georgia.

James Andrews, a renowned orthopedist who worked with numerous elite sportsmen like Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, and John “Marmaduke” Smoltz, was John’s doctor. John shocked everyone in 2008 by participating in the Rumble Royale final bout and sometimes even taking home the victory.

John defeated The Rocker (Dwayne Johnson) in a bout at Mania XXVIII in 2010 and claimed the title. John won various titles between 2013 and 2015, including the Heavyweight Champion Title and the Survivors Games.

Several hoax films and repeating clips on Coub utilized John’s introductory soundtrack in 2015, which made him one of internet jokes’ well-known protagonists.John Cena received the Muhammad Ali Legacy Medal from Sky Sports in November 2018.

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Acting Career

John has worked in numerous movies and series, including Psych (2006-2014), 12 Rounds (2009), and The Marine (2006). In the 12 Rounds series, John played the role of Danny fisher. He also worked in Nickelodeon “Hannah Montana” film and was featured in the 2010 films “Machine Rex,” “V.P.,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “True Jack.”

In the year 2018, he played Officer John Burns’s role in “Bumblebee” and Mitchell’s role in “Blockers.” John was also cast for “Playing with Fire,” where he played the character of Jake Carson in 2019.

In terms of his recent endeavors, he played the role of the sequel “The Suicidal Squad,” which has released in 2021.He portrayed the part of Chris Van Horne in the movie “Project X-Traction” and also made an appearance in “Fast & Furious 9.”In “The Janson Directive,” John also made an appearance as Paul Janson.

Controversies And Interesting Facts Cybercriminals leaked Elizabeth’s nude photos in March 2019. Those images were taken from her restroom, showing her breast as well as bed shots.

In some photos, she was wearing a velvet nightgown which appeared on the internet for the last several months. Neither John nor Elizabeth made any comments regarding the images.

Since the photographs were taken through her phone storage, zero updates have been made, and the name of the individuals responsible has not been made public.

Appearancen The ex-wife of John Cena has blue eyes and also has long blonde hair. On her left hand, she has the letter E tattooed.

From some of Elizabeth’s pictures, it seems like she likes swimming frequently and is in excellent physical shape.

However, details regarding her height, weight, and body measurement are not updated on any site yet.Nevertheless, we have discovered from some authentic sources that the lady is diet-conscious and tries to eat healthy food. Moreover, she never misses her workout anyhow.

Net Worth And Salary

John’s ex-wife’s net worth is thought to be approximately $55 million as of 2023. She accumulated this huge amount after receiving financial gain through her separation from John Cena and her work as a realtor manager. John Cena, her ex-husband, has a net of around $80 million.

Moreover, Elizabeth is the owner of four lavish properties. One is in Los Angeles, worth $5 million; the second is in California, worth $6 million; the remaining two are in New York, worth $10 million.

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