“Corey Mclaughlin Jr, brother of superstar from “Stranger Things”. Corey becomes hot talk after disclosure of his relationship with Caleb. He is a DJ by profession. Learn below to know more about Corey.”

Fans always show curiosity about celebrities. They wanted to know what is currently going on in the life of their favorite personalities. Not confined to this, some of them show a keen interest in the family of their ideals.

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People are inquisitive to know more and more about Caleb McLaughlin’s family. Corey Mclaughlin Jr is a top trend because of Caleb. Corey got famous just because of his younger brother, whose acting and even singing skills make him prominent in the Hollywood industry. Here is complete information on Corey Mclaughlin Jr.

Corey McLaughlin Quick Profile

Real Name Corey McLaughlin jr.
Famous For Brother of Caleb McLaughlin
Parents Corey McLaughlin & April McLaughlin
Brother Caleb McLaughlin
Sisters Crystal McLaughlin $ Caitlyn McLaughlin
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Profession Dj
Birthplace Carmel New York, US
Children One boy

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Who is Corey McLaughlin jr.?


Corey McLaughlin jr. is the elder brother of the famous American star Caleb McLaughlin. Corey keeps his personal and professional life away from the spotlight. His date of birth, early education, and relationship are not known.

There is a bit of information about his career, he is an American DJ by profession. He was born in the house of Mr. Corey McLaughlin jr. and Miss April McLaughlin. He was raised in Carmel hamlet New York US.
His father Corey McLaughlin jr. is a relationship counselor and mentor.

He also works as a pastor in the church. His mother, April McLaughlin, is a marketing specialist. She is not only a caring mother but also supports her children at every moment.

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Corey McLaughlin jr Siblings

Corey has three siblings, two sisters; Crystal McLaughlin and Caitlyn McLaughlin, and one brother Caleb McLaughlin. His sister Crystal is not famous at all even in her early education and the present situation is not known.

His brother Caleb McLaughlin is a famous rising star in the Hollywood industry. And today the reason for Corey jr ’s fame.

His little sister Caitlyn Mclaughlin, younger than Caleb is a multi-talented cute girl. She is an actress, singer, and dancer. She starts her journey at the age of four, in the play “Lost in Stars”.

In addition to this, she also loves to write and direct her own movies. She is the owner of the charity club for pets. She is a real entrepreneur.

Relationship Status of McLaughlin Brothers

Relationship Status of McLaughlin Brothers
Source: zimbio.com

Corey McLaughlin’s relationship status is unknown, as he didn’t post about his personal life on media forums. It is hard to say anything about his relationship but according to BHW, he has a child.

Caleb neither has a girlfriend nor is he married. When he was working on “Stranger Things” the most famous Netflix series. The rumors of Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin’s date have gone viral. But both of them deny this as Caleb wants to focus only on his career and nothing else. His relationship status is single.

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Caleb is Behind Corey McLaughlin Fame


Corey became hot talk because of his brother Caleb Mclaughlin. Caleb is the second sibling and younger brother. Caleb’s outstanding performances and high achievements in the acting industry make him famous.

He is now called the brother of Caleb jr rather than Corey Mclaughlin jr. Both brothers have a strong relationship and enjoy their life well with the family.

Caleb and Corey Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Caleb is $3 million. His primary source of income is his excellent acting skills that turn heads.

Corey is a DJ by profession, and this is his source of income. His net worth cannot be predicted.

Corey McLaughlin Jr Age

Corey’s brother Caleb is a 20 years old handsome boy, with a smart height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

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Let’s Talk About Caleb’s Career

Caleb McLaughlin started his career with the play “lost in stars”. His starting role was as young Simba in “lion king”. Shades of blue, law and order, special victim unit, and unforgettable are his masterpieces.
His outstanding acting made him win two awards.

He also has a huge fan following and media forums are evidence of it. He has 15.3M followers on Instagram, 1.5M followers on Twitter, 627K fan followers on Facebook, and also 13.4M followers on TikTok.

No doubt, Caleb is an excellent rising star working super fantastic in the Hollywood industry. He is the real gem of this industry. Fans hope for his prosperity and success.

FAQs about Corey McLaughlin Jr

Is The Black Boy in Stranger Things Played by Caleb McLaughlin?

Yes, Caleb McLaughlin plays the role of Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Thanks to this series that makes him popular.

Where is Corey McLaughlin jr.’s Family From?

Corey McLaughlin’s family is basically from the US. He was born in Carmel hamlet in New York city of US.

Has Corey McLaughlin Played any Role in “Stranger Things”?

No! Corey McLaughlin jr. didn’t play any role in the blockbuster series “Stranger Things”. In fact, his brother plays the role of Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix series.

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