Charlie Battles is under the spotlight due to his marriage to a famous American singer and actress. Their marriage succeeded for 11 years. After long periods of ups and down they separated and went for divorce.

He was the crucial person for Reba’s career. He died on 21 April 2013 because of heart failure and some complications of a 2006 stroke.

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Charlie Battles Quick Facts

Real Name Charlie Warner Battles
Famous For Husband of Reba McEntire
Spouse Sherrie Battles $ Reba McEntire
Date of Birth 9 March 1945
Date of Death 21 April 2013
Death Cause Heart Failure
Birthplace Tulsa in The State of Oklahoma
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Profession Cattle Rancher
Parents Earl Battles & Ocey Battles Pack
Siblings One Brother & One Sister
Children Two Sons
Net worth $1-5 Million

Who is Charlie Battles?

Who is Charlie Battles

Charlie battles was born in the house of Earl battles and Ocey battles on 9 March 1945 in Tulsa the state of Oklahoma. He has two siblings, one sister Roxey battles, and a brother Jim battles. He is not more famous than the ex-husband of Reba McEntire.

There is not much information about his early education on any social media platforms. But his married life is under the spotlight and known to every fan of Reba McEntire.

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US Army Life of Charlie Battles

He joined the US army after answering “uncle Simon’s call”. He joined the army in 1962 and got his soldier training. His training lasts for about ten (10) months at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He did not send them to Vietnam like normal training soldiers.

In 1965, his training session was completed and he was now a real army man. He was honorably sent back to his homeland Oklahoma.

Charlie Battles was also an armor intelligence specialist in Germany.

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Charlie Battles Career in Rodeo

Charlie Battles Career in Rodeo

After coming back from army training, he pursued his hobby. He started practicing rodeo in Oklahoma. He works hard day and night to achieve his goal. At last, he won the title of steer wrestling champion surprisingly for three consecutive years.

In 1974 he became prominent after qualifying for the PRCA National Finals. At this time, he was not anonymous. He made his place in people’s hearts.

Charlie Battles Married Life

Charlie Battles Married Life

He married an anonymous lady Sherrie Battles and the couple had two sons. The married life ends when Charlie Battles falls in love with American icon Reba McEntire. The first marriage finished most probably in 1974, and Charlie moved on.

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Charlie Battles and Reba McEntire’s Early Meetings

Charlie Battles and Reba McEntire's Early Meetings

In 1971, Reba met Charlie at one of his rodeo events. At this time Reba was struggling hard to make her position in the music industry. She was a 16 year old stunning girl and he was 10 years senior to her.

Reba approached him but stepped back after Charlie battles revealed his wife and sons. After three years, they met again in the bar and this was when they took an interest in each other. This meeting was very serious, so Charlie battles decide to leave his Ex-wife and stay with her.

Charlie Battles and Reba’s Love Journey

Charlie Battles and Reba’s Love Journey

After 1974, their romantic life journey started, they were a sweet couple. They always support and respect each other.

One day when Reba’s ex-boyfriend put some harsh words on her at the party, Charlie comes to defend her and this makes him feel protected and prouder.

On 21 January 1976, American star 21 years old Reba married a 31-year steer champion. During marriage time both were thrilled to make their careers. Charlie focuses on steer wrestling while Reba concentrates on singing.

Their marriage lasts for 11 years. And with long roller coaster problems, Reba filed for divorce.

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Charlie Battles “A Supportive Husband”?

According to Reba, Charlie Battles was not a supporting husband. He always focuses on his own wrestling championship and didn’t show interest in Reba’s singing journey.

Charlie Battles also did not want Reba to get any closeness with his sons. Once when Reba wanted to take them to the party, he strictly denied it and asked her to stay away from this.

It is also revealed that Charlie used to steal money from Reba’s purse and when she interrogated him, he said mean words.

Reba McEntire and Charlie Battles Divorce

Their relationship then becomes stressful because of Charlie Battle’s unprofessional and ill-mannered behavior. It was too disgusting for Reba McEntire to continue that married life, so she decided to file for divorce.

Harlie Battles tried very hard to make her stay but it was too late. As Reba had full support from her family and her sisters. At last, in 1987, the couple separated, and then both moved on.

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Charlie Battles’ Life After Separation

Charlie Battles' Life After Separation

He quickly comes back to life as Reba’s divorce decision makes him sad. But then he pursues his hobby, rodeo. He purchased his wrench in 1993 and started concentrating on steer wrestling.

One more chapter of romance started, when he married Donna Granger in 1998. His family now had grandchildren who loved him a lot.

Charlie Battles Death

In 2006, Charlie suffered from a heart stroke which made him completely disabled. His only reason for survival was his family, who took great care of him.

In 2013, a man who always worked hard for his career and won the three-time championship title died because of heart failure and remaining complications of a stroke.

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The Final Words

Charlie Battles is famous as the ex-husband of American singer and actor, Reba McEntire. They lived together for 11 years then parted ways.

He was a steer wrestling champion and an army intelligence specialist in Germany. He was very possessive about his career. That causes problems between him and Reba McEntire and ends up in divorce.

Still, he didn’t lose heart and enjoyed a life full of zest. His third marriage was quite successful. He died in 2013 due to heart failure at sulfur liaison.

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