Alexis Maas is the ex-wife of a famous American personality, Johnny Carson, a well-known talk show personality.

The renowned talk-show host did four marriages in his entire life; however, Alexis Maas has 4 children from her former hubby Johnny Carson.

Before Johnny Carson’s passing in 2005, the couple was wedded for 18 years. Due to her marriage with the star, she rose to fame.

The details of Alexis’ parents and formative days are scarce, but she’s from Pittsburg, Virginia. Unlike some famous people’s spouses, she has maintained a public presence and lived an unnoticed life.

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She worked at a listed company before becoming wedded to Carson. Her profession was not well-known until she wedded Carson; thus, little is known about it.

Before being married, Johnny Carson and Alexis Maas dated for 2 years in the 1980s. On the 20th of June, 1987, in Malibu, USA, she wed Johnny Carson.

Here we’re going to highlight more about Alexis Maas, so stay with us if you want to know everything about her!

Alexis Maas Early Life And Career

Alexis Maas Early Life And Career

Alexis Maas was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, not many details are found about Alexis Maas.

Nevertheless, we have discovered from some authentic sites that the lady is a Christian by faith and is a firm believer of Christianity. Alexis’ maternal Grandfather was a pastor of a Pittsburgh church.

There is no detail about her exact date of birth. Similarly, her zodiac sign is still a secret. It seems like Alexis Maas is a little bit secretive about her childhood and never revealed anything about her family and early years.

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If we talk about her career, then she is such a hard-working woman; before she met her hubby Johnny Carson, Alexis was a stock brokerage employee through which she accumulated a huge amount of money.

However, not much information is highlighted on authentic sources about her career.

Alexis Maas Net Worth

Alexis Maas Net Worth

Alexis Maas has a net worth of around $300 million. She accumulated this huge net worth after when the lady became her ex-husband, Johnny Carson’s heiress.

However, the lady didn’t keep everything to herself. Alexis gave around $156 million to her husband’s charity foundation known as Johnny Carson Foundation.

Alexis Maas Personal Life

Alexis Maas Personal Life

If we talk about her personal life, Alexis Maas is an ex-wife of a well-known American personality Johnny Carson.

Unfortunately, Johnny left the world in 2005. The reason for his death is severe emphysema.

Alexis and Johnny were both met in the early 80s and dated for approximately two years before marriage.

However, at the time of marriage, Alexis was 35 years old while Johnny was 61 years old. People passed negative comments at that time because of their huge age gap, but Alexis and Johnny ignored all the gossip and married.

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Alexis Maas Physical Appearance

Alexis Maas Physical Appearance

Alexis’s Mass height is not updated, but her former spouse’s height was 5’10. However, we have discovered from her pictures that she was not significantly shorter than her former hubby.

We have assumed that maybe she is 5’7″ in height. Maas has an alluring personality. Details regarding her body measurements are also not updated on any site yet.

In addition, the stunning woman has blonde hair as well as bright eyes, which complement her beautiful skin tone.

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Alexis Maas Lifestyle

Since she wedded Johnny Carson, Alexis Maas has led an abundant life. Both owned a large collection of properties, including a 14,000-square-foot estate in California and a 16-room, 4-acre seaside residence in Malibu.

She appeared in numerous journals and books. However, they both were seen together in numerous pictures taken from different events.

She inherited a lot of wealth after the death of her ex-husband.

In an 18 years marriage relationship, the couple welcomed three children. However, due to Carson’s affair with Jody, Maas decided to divorce him.

Before parting ways, they toured the country together again and went to numerous award shows. They were seen having lunch in various lavish restaurants, enjoying the United States open Tennis, and sailing on their boat while on vacation.

Maas sold these properties following Johnny Carson’s passing for $55 million. She gave the Johnny Carson Academy 50% of her income.

Maas, Carson’s ex-wife, is the mother of Cory Johnson, Thomas Wolcott Collins, and Chris Huckabee. The initial union between Carson and Jody Morrill Cowley gave birth to the 3 children. However, the names of Jody and Carson’s kids are not updated on any site.

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Alexis Maas And Her Husband, Do They Have Kids?

Alexis Maas And Her Husband, Do They Have Kids

They both welcomed three kids in 18 years of a marriage relationship. Before getting a divorce, the pair decided to co-parent their three kids.

Maas, Carson’s 4th wife, is the mother of Richard Walcott Carson, Cory Carson, and Christopher Carson. The initial relationship between Carson and Jody Morrill Cowley gave birth to 3 kids. However, their names are not mentioned on any site.

What Is Johnny Carson’s 4th Ex-Wife Doing Now?

What Is Johnny Carson's 4th Ex-Wife Doing Now

She has not yet been wedded again, even though Johnny passed away, so she presumably feels comfortable living by herself at home.

Alexis Maas rose to fame as the fourth wife of the former talk show icon Johnny Carson. She is an introverted woman who shied away from the spotlight following her ex-hubby’s loss.

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Social Media Activities

Although her ex-husband passed away, Alexis Maas has remained quiet. Her present source of money is unknown.

She most likely exists on the cash she acquired via Johnny Carson. She doesn’t use any prominent social media accounts.

Alexis Maas Exquisite Style of Living

Alexis Maas Exquisite Style of Living

Alexis Maas and her late ex-hubby had a luxurious life together. Before getting a divorce, they had spent a great time together.

The ex-couple have a large number of houses, besides a 14,000 sq ft estate in California and even a 16-room house on 4 lots in Maui.

She frequently appeared in periodicals thanks to her partner’s popularity, and they frequently appeared on tv when they were at any event.

They both also went to the premiere of “Les Mis Aboard A Boat At Infinity” in North Hollywood. Plus, they were also seen together while attending the “American Back To Those Days” honors and became members of the “Film Institute Ring Of Honor.”

Alexis Maas Former Spouse

Alexis Maas Former Spouse

Saturday Night Live star Johnny Carson was the late-night talk show host. On October 23, he was born. He worked as a filmmaker, author, and tv presenter.

His program received numerous honors, which operated from 1962 until 1992. Most of his mentioned accolades are highlighted below.

  • In 1985, he was given the Pulitzer Prize.
  • He received six nominees for the Emmys.
  • He received President’s Award from the Tv Institute in 1980.
  • Johnny, in 1987 inaugurated the Broadcasting of Ring of Honor.
  • Johnny made the decision to resign in 1992 and go on a global tour alongside his ex-spouse, Alexis Maas.

John experienced no joy in all his relationships. However, in 1963, he wed Joanne Copeland; nevertheless, the union did not last. Then he wedded a supermodel that year. The name of his 2nd wife has not been updated on any site.

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Why Was Maas Highlighted In The Media?

Due to her well-known ex-spouse, Maas was also highlighted in several media coverage. While they were traveling worldwide and attending many elevated engagements, numerous photos of them were taken, which are still on the internet.

In addition to dining at Spago in California and visiting the American Cinemateque Honors, they were reportedly spotted visiting the premiere of “Les Miserables,” sailing on their yacht. Both took part in the Tv Guild Ring of Honor special.

It was thought that Maas liquidated the vast majority of Carson’s property when he passed away. She received funding following the death of her spouse and donated 50% of that to his organization.

Through Which Show Johnny Reached To Fame?

The well-known tv presenter, director, composer, and entertainer Johnny William Carson, who was married on October 23, 1925, to his first wife, rose to fame for his delayed talk show “The Starred Johnny Carson.”

The program aired from 1962 to 1992 and won numerous honors, including six Awards ceremonies, the Mayor’s Cup from the Broadcasting Academy in 1980, as well as a Marshall Prize in 1985. In 1987, he was also admitted to the Broadcasting Ring of Honor.

Carson became a beloved and recognizable entertainer of his age thanks to his informal demeanor and significant contact with his visitors. In 1992, he officially retired, and for the next few years, he and his ex-spouse, Alexis Maas, traveled extensively.

Carson did four marriages during the course of his life. In 1948, he wed Jody Waterbury, who was his first spouse. The two separated in 1963 despite possessing three kids. And his fourth wife, Maas, parted ways from him just a few years before Carson’s death.

Who Was Johnny’s Fourth Wife?

Who Was Johnny's Fourth Wife

Carson first met Alexis Maas, his fourth wife, in 1987. They had a happy 18 years of marriage, but due to some clashes, they decided to part ways. However, the passing news of Carson in 2005 shocked Maas a lot.

In addition to smoking during presenting “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson” for many years, Carson was a well-known cigarette user.

He was later diagnosed with emphysema-related aspiration pneumonia, which ultimately caused him to pass away.

On January 23, 2005, he passed away at Willows General Hospital. In his final days, Maas, his ex-spouse, was by his side.

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