Alex is a well-known American host of Jeopardy show and a media personality. Here is everything about Alex Trebek net worth and his yearly income.

Who is Alex Trebek?

Who is Alex Trebek

George Alexander Trebek was known as a well-known Canadian-American game show host and television personality. As a game show host, Trebek was seen in The Wizard of Odds, Double Dare, High Rollers, Battlestars, Classic Concentration, and To Tell the Truth.

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Canadian born Trebek became an American citizen in 1998. The Daytime Emmy Award has been presented to him eight times for his work on Jeopardy. Following a 20-month fight with stage IV pancreatic cancer, he died at the age of 80 on November 8, 2020. The estimated net worth of Alex Trebek at the time of his death was around $75 million.

Early Life of Trebek

Early Life of Trebek

Trebek was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on July 22, 1940. His father was a chef by profession. Trebek’s family was bilingual French-English. His parents sent Trebek to boarding school, where he almost got expelled.

He was admitted to a military college afterwards, but he was dropped out from there because he didn’t follow the rule about cutting his hair short. In 1961, he got a degree in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa. During his university years, he was very social and active in several societies.

Real Estate

In 1991, Trebek purchased a 10,000 square-foot mansion in Studio City, California, worth around $2.15 million as this was his first residence. In the 1990s, a horse ranch of 724 acres in Creston, California, cost him $4.1 million. However, it was sold for $10 million in 2005. In 2016, his home in California’s Nacimiento lake area was listed at $1.4 million.

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Alex Trebek’s Net Worth and Income Highlights

Alex Trebek's Net Worth and Income Highlights

Alex Trebek had a total net worth of $75 Million at the time of his death. Trebek earned $18 million per year from “Jeopardy”. He worked 46 days a year for the show and recorded five shows in a single day. The average earnings per episode are around $78,000. Every tape day, he earned approximately $391,000.

Aside from hosting, Trebek appeared as a panelist or player on a wide variety of shows. In 1980, he participated in NBC’s “Card Sharks” for charity, which lasted a week. In the end, he won the tournament.

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What is Alex Trebek Age and Birthday?

Alex Trebek was born on the 8th of November. He was 80 years old at the time of his death. He died of pancreatic cancer.

What is Alex Trebek Height and Weight?

Alex Trebek had a long height of 5 ft and 8 in. He had a weight of 67 kilograms.

How does Alex Trebek Reach (Net Worth) in 2021?

Trebek began his career in 1963 with a show called “Music Hop”. After this, he was seen on many shows as a host. He hosted the big shows in the US, including Double Dare, The 128,000 Question, and High Rollers. He achieved success and a high net worth mainly through the show Jeopardy. He hosted this show for a long time and was still doing it when he died of cancer.

Is Alex Trebek Married?

In 1974, Trebek married the businesswoman Elaine Callie. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1981, and they never had children. His second wife, Jean Currivan, is a real estate project manager, and they were blessed with two children.

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