Seems like people who own small brands need new formats coming into their life every now and then. And although streaming is nothing new.

It might become a fresh new thing just for you: in this article we will tell how and where you can stream about your products, services or content and how to make those live videos attract audience and potential clients for your brand.

And we will also talk about how to promote those – spoiler: you are going to need a paid service, which is a possibility to buy Periscope followers for your page’s initial boost and improved chances of finding your target audience.

Why streaming-business stream

Why Streaming?

It might look weird that amongst all the possible formats we recommend you live videos. But to be exactly clear we want to note that this shouldn’t be your one and only resource of communicating with the audience and, especially, selling something to them.

Streams are a good additional thing to use, something that you might be known and remembered for, but to make sure that your audience can find more info about your products, services and content, prepare some other platform with steady information pieces on it.

Streaming though is great to communicate and interact, to show that behind the product there is an actual person who has created it and has thoughts and opinions (which might, and should, match with the thoughts and opinions of their clients).

Periscope gives a perfect opportunity to stream effortlessly and attract new people to the live videos of yours. However, beginning here might be hard, and to ease that process a little bit social media promotional websites offer something special – an opportunity to purchase followers.

Why use Third Party Services? Is this Efficient?

In some cases, social media websites have built in tools that allow users to develop a page or boost videos using them, but in terms of Periscope there is no such option.

Luckily, promoters have noticed that problem and have come up with a possibility to take on side promotional services which are no worse than built-in ones. For Periscope it is a possibility to purchase followers and views, and subscribers are the basic option which can really get you far if you use it right.

So, there are two nuances that you really have to keep in mind if you want to succeed:

1.  First of all, you need to take on exclusively real subscribers, as these ones won’t only change your page’s counter, but will also take care of your profile’s statistics.

However, finding these might be hard, as not all promotional companies operate by working with real people to deliver services – many of them use bots and profit from it.

While their clients don’t profit. Make sure you read many reviews from previous buyers and do your research; if there is no time for research, use a link from the first paragraph. It will guarantee you a save of time and money.

2. The second important thing is that while promoting your page, don’t rush for quantity. Evaluate your profile decently and order as many subs as you can afford without looking suspicious.

Your already existing subscribers won’t get it if there will be all of a sudden weird followers appearing out of nowhere – you need to make sure that everything looks legit.

For that, divide a big number of subs that you are striving to have into smaller portions and order them one by one. This way your paid promotion will totally mimic the natural developmental process and nobody will think that anything is wrong here.


Make sure you are adding something special to the online promotion of your product, service or content – it might be streaming on Periscope!

Collaborate with other streamers, bring something unique and authentic to each new live and don’t forget that you can support your videos by purchasing subscribers for your page. It is a safe, quick and highly efficient booster.

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