An established company must have their customers’ best interests at heart. Without that, how can they make it big? In addition to providing the optimum services and service packages to their customers, such as Spectrum One, it is also equally important to provide proper customer support. A good and well reputed company must be open to feedback and criticism.

Online Customer Service Strategy 2-things-missing-from-your-online-customer-service-strategy

There is so much that companies are willing to do for their customers, but it is important to re-evaluate if we really are doing all that we can for them, every now and again.  It is very easy to assume that a company is doing better for their customers than they actually are, and this kind of behavior causes them to become complacent. Here are two simple things that are so easy to overlook, and that you should focus on, if you want to improve your CSS outlook:

Human Interaction

Yes, artificial intelligence is the new, cool thing everyone’s raving about. Yes, it entirely removes the burden of digital grunt work from humans’ shoulders. But is it what customers need when they want their gadgets checked or fixed?

It is only annoying trying to explain one’s problem to a single dimensional bot or punching in the right digits in correspondence with the problems the automated operator is mentioning. A lot of the time, the problem a customer is calling for is not even included in the list of clicking options.

This can be so annoying to some customers that they consider switching to a different company. For this reason, automation should never come at the expense of human interaction. While it is okay and in fact necessary to rely on chatbots or bots to schedule and send emails and messages, it does not suffice to rely on them alone.

A very personalized way to include human interaction is to give customers the option to schedule one-on-one online meetings with the management. This not only humanizes the company but also does a better job of explaining what it is all about. Especially for new startups, this is a very effective way of gaining engagement and response. It makes the customer feel cared for, and at the top of the company’s priority list.

Another way to insert a human touch in your customer service policy is by adding humans to your social media chat forums. Because they are usually handled by chatbots, they can usually be on standby and only intervene when a bot is unable to understand and address a customer’s query. This helps bridge the gap between the customer and the bot, in turn, bridging the gap between the customer and the company. The only thing to be noted in this is to specify one’s online and offline hours.

Easy Communication Routes

There is nothing more annoying than trying to reach out for help but being unable to. Gatekeeping communication routes is a massive red flag in the business industry. No one wants to avail a service or product from a company that has flakey customer support. This can be avoided by making very clear and easy to find communication routes. It is understandable to want to keep customers at arms length, to avoid being spammed with questions, feedback or complaints. However, doing this comes at the expense of one’s customers.

When designing a website or app, one should have a very clear-cut path for customer support. It always helps to have a ‘contact us’ button on each page, especially the landing page of a website. This shows how eager a company is to hear what the customer has to say and makes the UI/UX a lot better. Moreover, it always helps matters to have a social media outlet on ALL major forums. Even if there is low engagement on each, this is to ensure that people can contact the company on their terms. Always have a call-based helpline for customers who have more complex queries. Some things just cannot be discussed on text and require real time verbal communication. Additionally, most people, apart from the youth, prefer to discuss matters of concern over call rather than on text.

Many of the times, especially initially, this results in a bombardment of queries and complaints. Although it is a difficult thing to adjust to at first, it is the most helpful thing a company can do for its customers. This not only allows customers to feel heard, have their concerns and questions addressed, get proper customer support, but also allows the company to do better for their customers.


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