Over the past few decades, significant changes have occurred in business and entrepreneurship globally. With generation Z taking over the world, society has not remained male-dominated as women have worked hard to come forward and offer significant competition to their male counterparts in art, business, and society in general.

Women have proved their talents, skills, and strong leadership at varying levels both in developed and developing countries among whom Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra are two true rising entrepreneurs.

Let’s have a look at their success stories and the underlying causes of the victories these businesswomen are enjoying today.

Meet Nicole Junkermann; The Rising star of the IT Industry

Nicole Junkermann-Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra
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Having a keen interest in gaming software, business subjects and management, and advanced technology, the successful businesswoman, Nicole Junkermann, started her struggles from a very early age just after school. She was born in Germany and grew up with her family in Marbella.

Nicole Junkermann always wanted to become a powerful woman who made the world a different place and with these very ambitions, she went to the University of Cologne and Harvard Business School to earn an MBA degree.

Woman of Superiority

Nicole Junkermann is openly called the woman of excellence and superiority all over the world. And for all the right reasons too! The multi-billionaire businesswoman started off her career with a number of failures but never stepped back. She made her place by launching a virtual gaming platform that goes by the name Winamax.

This gave her significant response and confidence to move forward and form another business agglomerate with her co-investors. Nicole Junkermann went on to launch a Sports and Media Company that made her way into the global IT industry very quickly. Nicole Junkermann is a true inspiration for all female entrepreneurs to never step back no matter what.

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Excellent Entrepreneur

With the changes in technology, Nicole Junkermann never hesitated to adapt to the changes in the world. She in fact explores dynamic tactics and her experience in the gaming platform to make progress within days.

Nicole Junkermann is a part of Entrepreneurs Organization, Tate Americas Foundation, and Trilantic Europe helping young entrepreneurs make their place in the business world.

Powerful Philanthropist with Big Missions

Despite a super successful career, Nicole Junkermann remembered to maintain her honor and respect for humanity. She works hard for the welfare of mankind and one such example includes her donation for the development of the Latin America Acquisition Committee at Tat Americas Foundation.

Nicole Junkermann’s habit of setting up high goals and then working day and night to achieve them is proof of her never-ending missions. Her formula is pretty simple; work hard till you reach your destination making everything possible in between. She is a great example for all of us regardless of gender.

NJF Group and Professional Future

The biggest recent achievement of the elite yet modest entrepreneur is the establishment of NJF Group for which she herself is working as a superior head. The group contains Nicole Junkermann’s holdings and investments in various sectors including healthcare, automotive, media, and technology. Its headquarters are located in London, England.

Nicole Junkermann, being an experienced international investor, has a bright future ahead.

Success Story and Achievements

Given her success stories, it is quite clear that Nicole Junkermann has a sharp eye for investment and business ideas. She continues to leave a positive impact on the world helping millions of lives all along. Her smart investments have taken her to her highest destinations.

From getting a degree for the Harvard School of Business to launching the NJF platform, each one of her efforts can be regarded as her achievement without a doubt.

Meet Mary Barra; Another Famous Business Personality

Mary Barra
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If you are impressed by Nicole Junkermann’s success story, wait till you hear about Mary Barra.
Mary Barra started off as an electrical engineer but switched to business management quickly. She took off her career as an investor and did not get frightened of failures and gender inequalities that she had to face all along.

With every step she took, Mary Barra’s small-scale company grew bigger and she eventually became the CEO of one of the biggest global companies General Motors (GM) in 2014. The first female entrepreneur receives a salary of around $2 million which is nothing less than her male colleagues.

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Innovative Entrepreneur with a Strong Point of View

Mary Barra has broken all stereotypes of today’s world. She is not only a successful businesswoman but also a loving homemaker taking care of her children and husband.

She has managed to overcome all hurdles and is making the decisions of the biggest automobile industry every past second right now. Not to forget that Mary Barra chose entrepreneurship over any job and the elite-class investor also donates millions of dollars to unprivileged families.

CEO of Biggest Automaker

The respectful entrepreneur had a strong background in technology given her education. She used it to build her business on a strong foundation. Mary Barra also maintained a strong communication system with the community that kept her in the good books of many people all around the world.
The technocrat is without a doubt one of the biggest international female investors making her another inspiration for ladies all over the globe.


Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra are women just like any other lady in this world. They are a true inspiration for those who wish to become successful businesswomen like them. Both these personalities never stepped back, overcame all hurdles, and adapted to advancements in technology efficiently.

Anyone can develop strong business management and creative skills like Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra. All it’ll take is hard work, patience, and lots of willpower. Because today, there is no difference between a man and a woman in the global industry!


Why are Nicole Junkermann and Mary Bara Famous?

Both Marry Bara and Nicole Junkermann are successful businesswomen, investors, and entrepreneurs. Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors while Nicole Junkerman is the founder of NJF Group and Winamax gaming.

What are Nicole Junkermann and Mary Bara’s ages, Dates of Birth, and Nationalities?

Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra’s age, date of birth, and nationality are 43 and 61, 27th April 1980 and 26th December 1961, and German and American, respectively.

Are Nicole Junkermann and Mary Bara Married?

Yes. Nicole Junkermann is married to Brachetti Peretti and Mary Barra is married to Anthony Barra.

Where do Nicole Junkermann and Mary Bara live?

Though both business women travel around the world, Nicole Junkermann lives in London while Mary Barra Resides in Detroit.

Are Nicole Junkermann and Mary Bara Related?

Nicole Junkermann and Mary Barra have not related at all apart from being successful and hard-working entrepreneurs, investors, and businesswomen.

What is Nicole Junkermann and Mary Bara’s Net worth?

Nicole Junkermann has a net worth of $10 million while Mary Barra is $60 million.

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