Manifestation isn’t just a new age theory. It’s a process of asking your desires directly from the Source. Luckily, the process is easy and you can follow it without much ado.

When we hear the word manifesting, we think about Hermione Granger creating a small glass out of thin air.

And it ends our dream to manifest something for ourselves or our loved ones. After all, manifesting is not for Muggles.

Luckily, manifesting is not magic. Instead, you can find its roots originating from science.

Manifestation is a technique that is based on the Law of Attraction. The advocates of this law claim that it arises out of psychological rules and effects.

The most prominent of these claims talk about the ability of the human mind to focus on one element in a picture while ignoring others.

Likewise, when a person focuses on one’s goals in life everything else goes in the background making the goal more meaningful and practical in the eyes of the pursuant.

In short, their efforts increase with belief in the materialization of their goals.

Also, the shift in focus allows them to detect opportunities faster than they would do otherwise making the process easier.

But this scientific explanation is just part of the whole scenario. In fact, manifestation has some connection with spirituality and higher consciousness. When you want something with the whole heart and validate this want with proper efforts, the Universe conspires to bring it to reality.

It’s still not magic. And you have to maintain your determination and effort for some time before the manifestation of your dream.

What is Manifesting?


To understand manifestation, we should understand what does manifest mean.

The literal meaning of manifesting is displaying or showing. So, when we manifest something, the thing shows itself in the 3-dimensional reality we call life.

The route to manifesting is setting a desire and believing in it with all thoughts, emotions, and energies.

There are some people who have minimal luck with this supernatural technique. For other people, although this method works, it’s not suitable for most of their goals.

In this article, we shall discuss the proper method to manifest together with the mindset that supports it and the skills you may need to pursue it as a survival tool.

Can You Manifest?

You must have experienced the benefits of goal setting in your life but manifesting is a different thing.

Luckily, it doesn’t require you to attend Hogwarts. But if you want to know how to manifest properly, you should know that the technique relies on a mindset. You have to adopt a certain mindset if you want to increase the frequency of manifestations in your life.

Some people have higher manifesting power than others. Following qualities make someone better at realizing their wishes.

Such people have a strong imagination and expressive power.

They believe in the law of attraction.

And they believe that everything happens for good. And if it’s not their good, it’s collective good.

These people maintain high emotional resilience and are able to shrug off bad experiences and emotions quickly.

Interestingly, even if you don’t possess the qualities mentioned above, you would still manifest. But bear in mind that those people who don’t possess the above-mentioned qualities will manifest their fears more easily than their goals.

Manifesting Prerequisites

We have discussed why some people can manifest their goals more easily than others. Let’s learn what makes a goal easier to manifest than others.

You may have noticed that sometimes you wish for one outcome and it appears as your wish. At other times, your wish goes completely unnoticed by the Universe making you question if you ever made that wish or not.

There are a few prerequisites of manifesting that have to be considered before you take the first step of manifesting.

You have to be clear about the desire. It should be so obvious that you can envision it, hear it, and smell it.

Also, if you believe that it’s impossible for you to achieve the goal, this block will always keep you from achieving it.

And you have to have enough strength in your desire. You have to prove this desire with proper expression and effort.

How to Manifest?

Once you have developed a mindset that remains mindful of your goal and have a clear vision of your goal, you are ready to start the process of manifesting. There are different ways to manifest but all of them add upon this basic process.

Express Your Dream

Express Your Dream

Clarity is the primary reason some goals manifest while others don’t. And expressing it is one way of attaining this clarity. This expression also transfers the goal from your inner world to the outer one. And it is the first effort you make towards materializing it, showing that you are willing to put the effort needed to attain the result.

You can express your desires in different forms:

audiotapes, essays, stories, and conversations with loved ones.

Some other forms of expression are photographs, videos, and paintings. These will work for artists who believe in visual arts.

Most people who have successfully manifested their goals claim that written expression works best for this process but that’s because humans have always taken writing more seriously than verbal forms of communication.

For you, if telling – and discussing – your goals with a loved one makes more sense, this is the way you will achieve results.

Set Goals

Set Goals

You can cover this step in the expression step. Write down (or talk and record the conversation) smaller, measurable steps to achieve the goal.

It is recommended that the first few steps are achievable in days or weeks as these achievements will build confidence.

Also, measure the efforts you are exerting. Make a checklist of the most important tasks that will fulfill the goal and use it daily to give yourself feelings of confidence and gratitude.

Clear the Blocks

Clear the Blocks

If you think that a goal cannot manifest, you are blocking its path to materialize in your life. One way to counter this block is to tell yourself that you believe in achieving the goal. You might also tell yourself that you no longer own the block.

So, if you are trying to figure out how to manifest someone when you believe that that person is out of your league, tell yourself, ‘I let go of the belief that that person wouldn’t like.’ Also, make an affirmation, ‘I befriend x’ with his/her name.

Use both mantras interchangeably to clear the blocks and reinforce the dream.

Let Setbacks Go

It’s easy to get attached to your goals. But this attachment will intensify the distance between you and your goal.

Measure your efforts but never measure the progress. Always remember that in manifestation works, progress is not linear. You may see minimal growth for some months that can be followed by a major development that happens suddenly.

Don’t go looking for signs your manifestation is close.

So, if you are at a stage when things aren’t moving for you, let it go. The Universe will follow its own course.

At times, you will experience unexpected setbacks. A deal that you consider perfect for you will not go as planned. Or you may face financial, emotional, or health losses. Such situations will try to sabotage your growth by telling you that only bad things are happening to you.

In such situations, your emotional resilience alone can help you navigate the burden. You have to remind yourself of the bigger picture and collective good.

In reality, these situations are only testing your beliefs. They arise to see if you are willing to manifest the positive results of such thoughts or you want to manifest the blocks you are holding against it. When you choose to let the hardships go, you reinstate the positive manifestation you are looking at.


Keep believing in your dream. This is especially true if you are experiencing a period of slow growth. You have to keep believing in the method and your goal to see the results.

Remind yourself that manifestation takes time. The stronger your beliefs are, the sooner you will materialize your desires.

But you have to give this process some time before you can prove your beliefs and their strength.

Also, you would like to revisit your goals from time to time. Read the story or essay you wrote about it. Or you may want to look at the reminder you set for it on your mirror while getting ready. You can also get inspiration from visual art forms of expressions you have created in the first step.

These revisits will keep you grounded so you don’t lose sight of the end result you are expecting.

Take Away

The word manifestation is all the rage these days. But like other trends, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you think it’s some modern buzzword, know that it’s a new term for an ancient process humans have been using since their arrival on this planet.

The reason behind its popularity today is its modernized approach but if you have used conventional manifesting methods and are comfortable with it, you can stick to that.

But if you are not familiar with the process and want to start using the step-by-step process to increase the success rate, use the method given in this article.


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