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Scott Madry was invited participant to United Nations presentation to Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on October 18, 2012. See participants and other information below image. Link to the discussion:

Scott Madry participates in panel at UN

October 18, 2012, Scott Madry participates in a panel discussion at the United Nations in New York City. He was invited by Maris-Louisa Chávez, Chief, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) Relations, Department of Public Information, United Nations to be one of four participants on a panel of experts .
Madry spoke about some of the difficulties that the emergency management has in incorporating the new social media tools into disaster management planning and operations. Madry’s fellow panelists were Ambassador Raimundo Gonzalez Aninat of Chile, Jihad Abdalla of UNICEF, who presented on behalf of UNITAR-UNOSAT (the UN Institute for Training and Research, Operational Satellite Applications Programme), and Sara Farmer.

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