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Madry interviewed by Die Welt newspaper

An article dated August 16, 2012, in The World Magazine (Die Welt magazine zur Startseite machen) about a possible find of a previously unknown pyramid in Egypt has comments by Dr. Scott Madry, founder and president of Informatics International, Inc. Dr. Madry is a recognized expert in the use of Google Earth for locating archaeological sites. He received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) in 1986 and since that time has built an international teaching and consulting career in satellite remote sensing technologies and geoinformatics. He has given courses and lectures at universities and government institutions all over the world, most recently at the University of South Africa in Praetoria in early September 2012. Christine Kensche of Die Welt, author of the article, asked Madry to comment on the recent announcement of an amateur researcher who claims to have located previously unknown pyramids in Egypt. Madry reviewed the data that Die Welt showed him, and he was not convinced of the validity of the find. Madry’s opinion is that without professional training it is very difficult to find archaeological remains in Google Earth.

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“Forscherin will Riesen-Pyramide entdeckt haben”
Zehn Jahre ist sie virtuell um die Welt geflogen, nun will eine Hobby-Forscherin neun unbekannte Pyramiden in Ägypten gefunden haben. Eine soll fast so groß wie das Weltwunder von Gizeh sein.
Von Christine Kensche


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